Having A Difficult Time With A 40g Breeder


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I'm going to just blurt this all out and hope someone can help.

About a month ago I received a tank from my aunt that she had set up for years and years. She's rather well off so for a 40 it's about as good as it gets. 2 really nice double filter hang on filters, with tons of goodies.

I have 4 other tanks, and have been in the hobby for 5 or 6 years. I've been very lucky as to only experience any kind of fish disease twice, and it was ich both times, and I solved it with salt and heat.

10 days ago when my parameters were all in range, I bought fish. Including, really really against my better judgement, 2 German rams. Also 3 Congo tetras, a small albino bristlenose pleco, a golden wonder killifish Super reputable fish store, very far away from my house.

Within 2 days the rams had ich. I added half the salt I'd normally add, because I had gotten a tiny bristlenose pleco, and slowly cranked the heat to 86.5. Well the rams died within 48 hours. Super sad, but I knew it was a terrible purchase. At this point the pleco had maybe 2 spots on it so I continued the heat. Then the killifish showed signs. This was 7 days after the initial temperature increase. I had a spare 20g so I set up a hospital tank, which I've never needed to do. Old filter media from a different tank, old water. Started dosing with some quick cure that was included with the supplies. They all fell off the pleco within 3 days, but the killifish was untouched. The same number of spots, but when I started looking close they didn't really look like ich. It looked like it was coming from inside the skin, not on the surface. Added the pleco back into the main tank, left the killi. He remained for 3 more days with 0 changes.

Yesterday I woke up and realized my Congos mouths were black, and in all the stress, I couldn't remember if they'd always been black or if this was new. Looked online, couldn't really find anything definitive. Read that if something is happening, it may be columnaris. Went to the local pet store, which is just the worst, and the best they had was melafix and pimafix. I don't know anything about medicines, so I bought them. Today I could swear their mouths aren't as black, so I'm thinking OK it was columnaris or something. Since I've now convinced myself in a stress filled panic that its not ich, I put the killi in the main tank which is being treated. This was a few hours ago and now I'm doubting my choices. I've never needed help more than a Google search, and this forum has been the source of alot of it, so I figured id make a post myself. Attached is the picture of the killis tail and the best Congo mouth I could get.

All of the fish are acting healthy. My parameters are 0amm, 0nitrite, 25ish nitrate. PH is unusually high, about 8 maybe a bit higher. My tap is like 7.4.


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