Have You Ever Tried Growing Aquatic Plants From Seeds?

  1. Rack Member Member

    I ordered some Anubias and cryptocoryne seeds because of the low availability of them where I live. I have no idea how to grow them, should I grow them like regular plants with garden soil?
  2. jonahdough Initiate Member

    Nice! All you have to do is bury them underwater in the gravel with only the tip of the bulb sticking out. Some will make it and some won't.

  3. Rack Member Member

    Are you sure I shouldn't first put them in some damp cotton or garden soil to germinate them? Also how many seeds should I put? They're so tiny there's hundreds of them in this bag.
    Here's a picture:
  4. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    You can grow them immersed. Many plants that at enough from the pet store are grow immersed first. This may make the root system stronger, but the leaves will melt a lot more.
    To grow them immersed, get a Tupperware container (Or whatever you have), mix some soil with water till it practically mud, add a few centimeters of water above that, and then place your seeds in the soil. Don't place them too deep or they might rot. Find a sunny windowsill and wait!

  5. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Yeah, starting them out emersed will give them a better chance, I think, since they'll have more access to CO2 once they start growing.
  6. Rack Member Member

    Would root tabs and Co2 liquid help? Also why not simply use substrate instead of soil?
  7. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    Most substrates are inert, soil is much more nutritious. Root tabs and liquid CO2 will help only after you submerse them. Liquid Co2 just can't compete with atmospheric CO2 or even injected CO2.

  8. Rack Member Member

    If soil is much more nutritious as you say, would you recommend the DIY mineralized dirt substrate method?
    Also, can one grow co2 demanding plant halfway immersed in water to benefit from the atmospheric Co2?
  9. -Mak- Well Known Member Member

    I'm not familiar with that method, sorry! And yes you can grow those plants half emersed half submersed, that's how a lot of them grow in the wild.
  10. ahmad.echols Member Member

    Where did you order these seeds

  11. Floundering_Around Well Known Member Member

    Try eBay or Amazon
  12. ahmad.echols Member Member

    Are they the actual real seeds of anubias and cryptocoryne . Have you grown them? If they are i have to buy some
  13. Rack Member Member

    From aliexpress.com
    I haven't grow them yet so I don't know.