Have you ever placed plants from local rivers, etc. in your tank?


When my husband and I went for our fish room tour at a local breeder's on Saturday, I commented on some of the gorgeous plants in his tanks. He indicated that he actually got them from the Connecticut River. I was shocked at that and asked him whether he had concerns about pollution or chemicals that the plants would introduce to the tank. He said no and that that particular river runs very clean.

I know that my local river does not run so clean and would not attempt using plants from it. However, there is a prize winning crystal clear trout stream about 100 yards from my office door and I'm thinking of talking a walkie down there to see what I can see.

Do you have experience with using plants from your local area this way? Thoughts?


I did that. There's a local moss that I have been successful with. I brought home a few attached to river stones. Now I have nice "carpets" made with this species.

In my previous attempt at fishkeeping (ages 7 to 23) I remember adapting water hyacinth collected at a near by river into my small concrete pond.

There are several drawbacks: introduction of unwanted parasites is one of them.

Santo Domingo


So, how did you "prepare" the plants for your tank?


thanks linda for asking that ? I had that one in mind as well,I to would like to hear from others,I will sit back and listen to the responses.I might even set up a tank just to try it out.


thanks linda for asking that ? I had that one in mind as well,I to would like to hear from others,I will sit back and listen to the responses.I might even set up a tank just to try it out.

Steve, if you were to set up a tank to try that out please, let me know what species plants work for you as they'd most likely be available to me as well near Grand Forks ND. I'm not sure I'm daring enough to try it.

I remember having some success keeping marine plants back where I used to live (Vashon Island) in large containers that I'd find on the beach, like old wheelbarrows and washed up coolers. But that was all outside, and after a few days I'd put everything back. I'd imagine that if the fish you were keeping were local to your area then the plants that you take from nearby rivers would grow very well. The only way that I can thing of to treat the plants would be a quarantine tank.


With a quarantine tank, though, you're not really getting rid of any parasites, etc. I was wondering more about do you do dip them in a mild bleach bath and then rinse out? Would that kill them?

I'm having a lot of trouble finding anything on-line about it.

Edited to add: found this on another forum

if you are going to use them I personally would dip them in a mild bleach solution to kill off bacterias, diseases, pests and so forth. I think the ratio is 20 parts water to 1 part bleach. just swirl the plants around well for about 2 or 3 minutes and then put them into some water with a dechlorinator and swirl them around some more.

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I'm not neccesarily one of them... I got mine from a "wild" fish pond. I did get end up getting some little critters from them, but they were harmless. (2 little invertabrate species were swimming around my tank for a while... one was a little worm that crawled on the sides, and the other was a little speck that swam around the tank. I introduced a ghost shrimp to the tank and he ate every one of them within a day. lol)

Just balance the risk and decide for yourself if its worth it. Chances are pretty slI'm that it is carrying something, but it's possible. If you let the plant stay in your tank without any fish at all for a month or so, then that would likely eliminate any parasites that could be on it, leaving bacteria and viruses if any.
A healthy fish could probably fight those off even if they did get carried, and it's also pretty likely that the plant is covered in infusoria (bacteria and microorganisms that are harmless) which could seed your tank for any future fry born in the tank.

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I'm in PA and I don't think we have anything pretty here LOL. All I ever see is seaweed!!!! Id love some lilypads that get the little pink or white flowers on them, but its illeagal to take wild plants here in my area. We have our water reservoir that runs clean and there are tons of lilypads but I know the first time I would try to get a couple the DEP would be right there cause that's just my luck. All I can do is go to the pond and aquatic garden specialty store that's 20 miles from my house to find pretty plants.


Well, I took a hike down by the trout stream today. It was actually quite lovely wading my bare tootsies in the water. CT has been experiencing a much drier summer than usual and the last few promised storms have not come to pass. So, the stream is much lower than it should be. As such, I had to guess as to whether some of the plants I found are truly aquatic or not.

I'll bring them home and place them fully submersed in water and see how they do before I even venture putting them into the tanks themselves. I don't want it to end up that they can handle wet roots but require dry foliage and have them rot in my tanks.

I'm also stopping by the river near my home after work to see what I find there. The water is also extremely low, but in driving over the bridge above the river, I could see lots of plants in the low water. The adventure continues.


Sounds exciting. You should post pictures of what you've collected.


Yeah, I will. It would be nice to get help identifying them. One actually looks like it's a flowering plant, so that would be interesting. Heck, they're probably all just weeds. ;D


How are the plants doing? This is so interesting to me!!!


They're still in the bucket but seem to be thriving. One of my dogs had an emergency this week and I've been too preoccupied with that to do anything with the plants.

Am also getting in a shipment of aquatic plants from a member of a different forum who was thinning his plants out. Hopefully, they'll arrive tomorrow!

I'll probably wait til those come in to do my aquascaping. I can't wait!!! arty0049:


With a quarantine tank, though, you're not really getting rid of any parasites, etc.

You'd actually be surprised at how many organisms will leave the plant to explire a QT enclosure. I've QT'd wild plants, and I swap the plants to a jar of fresh water each day or so, just to separate the dragonfly larvae, leeches, and snails, etc., that swim off of the plant over time. The plant doesn't wind up "sterile" with this process, but it does cut back on some concerns.

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