Have you ever lost a fish?


No I don't mean lost as in died. I mean lost as in you can't find it ANYWHERE. I have 6 glowlight tetra, or at least I thought I did, I never really count them because they are kind of hard to spot in my tank. Today I was moving some stuff around to add some new wood, after I was done I sat there for a few minutes to watch the fish and noticed there were only 5 glowlights. I thought maybe one was hiding, but I couldn't find it anywhere, I checked under everything, moved the gravel around a bit thinking it might have gotten buried, checked around the fish tank if some way it mysteriously got out, even though I have a lid, and looked inside the gravel vac. The only thing that I can think of is either I never had 6 and am completely crazy, because I know I have counted all 6 at one point, or somehow he got sucked up when syphoning the gravel and I poured him down the drain, but this to me seems highly unlikely since I don't think he could easily fit into the gravel vac and I usually look at the water when I am pouring it out.


Sorry for your loss, and I don't mean to sound insensitive, but it is possible that he died and the others ate him.


I've lost a guppy before. I had three, then one day I noticed that only 2 came out to eat. I lifted up ornaments and swirled water through my moss, but I never found him. All I can think of is that he passed on suddenly one night inside a cave or under an ornament, and the shrimp cleaned up the remains in one day. Sorry about your tetra .
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Sorry about your fish. We blame the fish aliens.


I have had a male guppy totally disappear. I do a head count at night and in the morning, he was there that night and gone by morning. I never saw him again.

I agree with Lucy, it must be the fish alliens:;ufo


I had a peppered cory disappear once while I had the lid off the tank for cleaning, I would like to blame the fish aliens, but I think it was the dog.....


Yep, many times. If you have a pleco than they like to suck on them too.

A few years ago I had a 10 gallon on my dresser with 2 crayfish along with other fish. There was a baseboard heater behind the dresser.

At about 3am I wake up to a loud banging sound. It was just a one time thing. I didn't think too much of it because sometimes the baseboard heating will make a similar noise as it expands when the hot water flows through.

Next day I wake up and look at the tank. One crayfish missing. It was only then I remembered that loud bang in the night. Little guy climbed up my airline and jumped out of the tank and the bang was him hitting the metal heater.

Other then the obvious bigger fish eating smaller fish disappearances, I had an ADF vanish too. I'm sure there are others.


I had a crab once do the same thing as cm11599ps crawfish do. except I didnt find him for days. the tank was in my kitchen, and I few days later I used the garbage disposal and heard some crunching. poor guy. also had a red tail bail from my tank. I learned then that they like to jump. some species need a really tight lid, I learned the hard way.


I've had a 2 inch DamasonI Cichlid go missing recently.. we had three.. and now we only have two...

They are in a tank with a pair of electric blue cichlids, two zebra cichlids and one yellow lab cichlid - I suspect the blues have cleaned him up.


Sorry for your loss... :console: Yeah, I've lost fish too. I had a tank filled with different tetras until one day I counted, I was missing a few and couldn't find any of them even after looking high and low. But after 2 weeks, I found them INSIDE my filter...
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