Have you ever bought a fish that...

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you just didn't like?

I had some moderate brown algae in the tank, and I was thinking of grabbing some snails. However, the LFS had some otos. I had the space for them, so I grabbed four.

The tiny things are not messing around, they cleaned the tank in a heartbeat... however I just don't like how they are in there. They seem to annoy my angel, and cory cats have been pretty shy since their introduction.

I feel like they're just gonna be a problem and gun after someone's slime coat or make them nervous.

Have you ever added a fish that you had second thoughts about? (also, anyone want some otos? haha)

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I had 7 tiger barbs WHO ATE EVERYTHING! ATE my snails ( 2 of them ) ate the paint off of my decorations, uprooted plants, you name it!!! They were the BAD BOYS that constantly caused some type of mayhem!
Ironically though, they never bothered ANY of my fish!!! Imagine that!!!

So I rehomed them to my lfs - the manager of the store saw them and snapped them up for himself right away! He said he had NEVER seen tiger barbs get that big ( gee I wonder why ) and thought they were the most beautiful well fed fish he had ever seen!!! LOL
He still has them to this day ( I gave them up in September ) and raves about them!!!

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Hysterical! Sounds like you had a bunch of toddlers on your hands with those. I'm sure others would think the otos are the cutest thing in the tank, but I can't help feeling like their nothing but trouble. Also could be an acclimation thing for all parties involved.

I can't believe the barbs were eating paint!
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Dare I admit this... My green cories. While I still love my "cory wolf pack", I'm petrified they're gonna outgrow my tank even though I know they wont, they just look bigger than they are (prolly cause some are bigger than the others, so I just imagine them growing before my eyes) So I'm guessing they're not comfortable. I originally wanted either a small pleco or a group of dwarf cories. I suppose I shoulda waited for those dwarfs.
For awhile I was upset about my Blue gourami cause I couldn't put a ram pair in the tank, and she was hiding and traumatized. but I've had Etta since (almost) the beginning, She's back to being herself again so I'm happy I didn't rehome her!
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I can't believe the barbs were eating paint!

I think that's what was so weird! I saw them in action!!! I think the lead must have gotten to them because they wouldn't stop eating it!!! I was getting ready to spank their butts!!

oh and they used to eat my MTS snails WHOLE!!!! That's just gotta hurt!!! LOL
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Yeah, Spike. She is a gold angel, with a bad attitude. She is now the only angel in the ram tank. She never really hurt the other angels just pushed them around. I think I will re-home her this weekend. Too bad, she is pretty.

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oh ya, 12 of the stupidest fish ever....... 12 tiger barbs!!!!!!! don't do anything to my pair of angels that are in the same tank, but will constantly harasse my bottom dwellers (mainly my dragon goby). one side of my tank hasn't had a light for weeks because the bottom dwellers need to get some time to rest on "the dark side". if the light were on the barbs would chase the goby everywhere, the only time he could get away was when I stuck my hand in the tank and chased the barbs for a second or 2.
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Note: Don't buy tiger barbs.
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Are you sure they're otos?
I haven't read much info that they suck slime coat.
I've read that about Chinese Algae eaters.

Anyway, the answer to your question....Yes!
I bought 3 female guppies. Couldn't stand them and returned them the next day.
The store only refunded 1/2 my money but that was ok.

I also have some false jullI that I'm not crazy about.
They seem so sensitive and less active compared to my peppered cories.
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Yep- my black damsels. Aggresive little buggers that prevent me adding more fish, they're pretty smart, they have a 55 gallon to themselves and two clowns.

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I had only three serpae tetras for a little while and they were badgering my Corys. I wasn't to fond of that but then I added 7 more to make a school of ten and now everything is peaceful again. I love my lone little Oto btw.
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Chuckle about the Tiger Barbs I will never forget how fast they shreded my pretty guppies
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I got 2 SAE Siamese Algae Eaters and they ripped my Indaca rotala to shreds. I cut back all my stems and replanted them all. The plants are doing amazing but now the the stems are about 3 inches the SAE are right back at them eating them or destroying them... I still have the SAE but would love to give them to another home.

What do you recomend?
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Yep I've bought a few over time that I haven't particularly enjoyed. First was actually a betta. He was super aggressive and would mess up as much as he could in his aquarium. I've had three other bettas including my current female (whom I love) and none of them act as obnoxious as the first betta.

My second fish I bought that I did not enjoy would be Comet goldfish. I did not intend to have them live, but they did. I bought feeder fish for some aquarium testing/experimenting and I bought 10. I really just hate goldfish. Thankfully they are now re-homed at a neighbor's pond.

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