Have To Give Up One Of My Bristlenose. =[


It is with great sadness that I have to rehome my 4 year old albino Bristlenose Catfish. Ever since I've been rescaping my tank and adding more hiding places, they've both been in breeding condition for months. I thought nothing of the black one constantly digging out the gravel around the driftwood, and the albino hoarding food in the skull, but they had a very big fight today. The dry dock I put in to shelter my freshwater hatchetfish from the light drifted over between the filter and the floating plants, and they both decided they wanted to sit there. Full on bashing, faces locked together, a bloody and nasty fight only broken up with I whacked them apart using the magnetic sponge, which they now think is another catfish. The Albino has continued to chase my calm black bristlenose and even tried to fight the magnetic sponge. I think my tank conditions are too good for two males, as the breeding spot has been there on both of them for months now, and the albino is getting more and more terrortorial. They have 4 caves, multiple giant bushy plants, 2 separate driftwood logs, there's not much more I can do in terms of hiding places. The tank is filled to 70 gallons atm.
I also noticed one of my corydoris has a torn tail, and I know the albino will protect its food... ;-;

Edit: Finally saw my black one for the first time since the fight right after posting- his belly is injured. The albino only has injuries to his face.
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That’s a shame you have to part with one of them but if it means a peaceful tank again then it’s for the best, hope the injuries heal quickly.
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Yep, I got Melafix today, and the black one is doing alright. Hopefully I won't have to do the same to my yoyo loaches down the line... They already hit 4 inches in length. They get snails at least.

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