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Discussion in 'Saltwater Aquarium Setup' started by AnDOnline, Dec 22, 2012.

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    I am planning to start my first saltwater tank with a 30 gallon. For those of you who say it might be too small to hold saltwater fish, my dad is absolutely refusing to let me get anything bigger. I plan to get an uncured live rock and let it sit in the tank for a month or so to cycle it and then add two clownfish while using crushed coral sand or something else as the substrate. It is also not a reef tank. As for my questions...

    1. Is the above plan a good way to go?

    2. Can I just use seachem prime to treat the water?

    3. How different is changing the water compared to a freshwater tank?

    4. How important is flow to a saltwater tank?
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    Hi, welcome to Fishlore :;hi1
    I keep both a SW Reef and FW Planted.

    1- There is nothing wrong with your plan, a 30G is a good size for a pair of clowns. You could also look at some of the other smaller species, here's a few to consider https://www.fishlore.com/small_saltwater_fish_tank_species.htm

    2- Whilst I don't recommend using tap water for a SW system, some can get away with it. It depends on your tap water, if it is really hard water, I would look to RO/DI, or distilled if possible. Your specific question, can you use Seachem Prime, yes absolutely. You can also use their premium line, AquaVitro Alpha

    3- A couple of subtle differences between the two. If you are running a protein skimmer, you can get away with smaller water changes. I do 10% every week in reef vs 25% in my FW. Also, with SW, you need to match salinity before doing the water change. But essentially, it is the same process.

    4- Flow is important because your live rock is your biological filtration. Without flow, the water won't flow over the media, the link posted by Ken (Part 2), explains marine filtration. I'd aim for about 300GPH flow in your tank, using either 2 x 150GPH powerheads or one 300GPH.

    Hope that helps.

    Oh, and can I suggest using cured live rock if possible. Two reasons, the first is time, it's a lot quicker to cycle with cured live rock. Secondly, a cycling SW tank can really smell up your room/house etc.

    For more info, you can also check out my member spotlight, it details my setups and some of my maintenance... There's a link in my signature ;)

    Have fun with the new tank!
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    Thank you very much with your replies!
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    I will add one more thing to what Ryan said make you also match as close as you can to the temp in your tank. And when you get your clowns get one big and one little smaller one than the big one. The big one well become your female and small one your male ;). Try to go your LFS and look at the clowns and see if one big one and small one are always together and if they are then get cuz they are a proven pair that is how I got mine. I went every week and watched them for a month and now I have had them for 3 months and they have bred three times and I now have 300 clown fry :).
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    I'm not allowed to breed anymore. I tried with danios and my dad was sick of it. Even though I'm getting two clowns, I'm not planning to let any of the fry survive.
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    Clowns only breed if all conditions are met and I will tell you right now. If you do not want them to breed the minute you see eggs take a credit card and scape them off the surface they laid them on( be-careful though the parents well attack you protecting their eggs). Cause if you leave them there is a good change some well survive. But than again they may never breed I am now letting the parents raise the batch they just laid and letting the other life in the tank eat what ever young stray there way. I am also taking 250 to a friend of mine who works at Mystic Aquarium in CT. She well raise them in a 200 gallon breeder tank until they are 4 months old than put them in the 5,000 gallon tank they have.