Have I Finally Won Against My Red Parrots?


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My parrots (none of which can bite) and I have had a very long struggle concerning plants in their tank. Before I knew better, I would wake up to find all of my live plants uprooted, so I ditched those and grabbed fake ones- which were also uprooted. My cichlids always came to greet me every morning with their guiltless, goofy happiness.

I still wanted something live to soak up some of the bioload, so I decided to try floating plants- only to find them eaten within two weeks! I had about 30 dollars worth of anacharis all gone! I thought they had died off due to the temperature change until I found one of the rascals munching on the last of it!

Since aquatic plants didn't work, I decided to try a terrestrial one: lucky bamboo. I stuck 9 of them in the tank with only the roots submerged. They lasted and grew for about a month or so before suddenly dying out. Upon a closer look, I realized their roots were gone! Of course, there's no other suspect besides my parrots who loved pecking at them!

At my wit's end, I didn't touch live plants for over a year until this morning when I cut snips into a zip lock bag and placed my pothos' roots in them. When I got back home at the end of the day, I saw all of my parrots pecking at the plastic trying to get to the roots unsuccessfully. Maybe my pothos will live to see the next month!

It's only day one and I love my parrots, but man, does it feel good to finally have plants!
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