have a fish with ich, to quarantine or pointless?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by ForAnAngel, Jul 31, 2015.

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    Have a 20 gallon with 12 black neon tetras, a pearl gourami, and a fire gourami.

    It is clear one black neon tetra has ich, but seems to be the only one. Do I quarantine or assume everyone is going to battle it. Turning up the heat to 80 then 82, until i get to 85-86. A long with frequent water changes, should I quarantine or just begin to treat the whole tank. Thanks.

    I plan on doing this with no meds, it's a planted tank!
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    Yeah, read it all! Didn't mention water changes, just gravel vacuuming! Unless I missed it. Yeah, I'll keep the black neon tetra in there, he would be terrified away from his friends. First time in 8 tanks I've had a disease. The streak is broken!
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    When you gravel vac you'll effectively be doing small water changes.
    Good luck, hope all your fish recover well
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    Waterlife treatments are good with plants.