Hatching Shrimp Eggs

  1. FishRFriendz

    FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Had a shrimp die while berried. Yesterday I scraped off the eggs into a net and put them in front of an airlift output. Not the best method to hatch, but you work with what you have on hand.
    Today most of them have turned white, but this lil guy made it.
  2. BeanFish

    BeanFish Well Known Member Member

    Pretty cool, didnt know you could do that!
  3. OP

    FishRFriendz Well Known Member Member

    Depends on if the eggs are ok, just go by the color of the eggs. If they're still the same color they were when the mother was alive then no harm trying.

    Another one made it just now. So that's 2 saved.

    Update 2hrs later: Another 3 more.
    Total 5.

    If I had a video camera and a macro lens, I'd be recording the eggs hatching. Sad to see many of these white eggs had the eye spots on them.

    Update Day 3: 3-4 more hatched. Total 8-9