Hatchetfish, Cherry Barbs, and Julii Cories?

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    Hi! I have been looking up fish to put in my 20 gallon high tank for the past few weeks, and have decided on 6 Cherry Barbs, 5 Julii Cory, and 6 Hatchetfish. According to aqadvisor, my tank is 93% stocked, requires a 27% weekly water change (I will probably only change ~15% a week, as i have several live plants) with a 175% filtration capacity (Aqua clear 50). I know aqadvisor only provides a general idea of the limitations, so I was wondering if my tank is overstocked? Each species has its own tank level, and all these fish are supposed to be pretty peaceful (cherry barbs, although semi-aggressive amongst themselves, are not supposed to be fin nippers and have been suggested as tank mates for hatchetfish on a few websites). Any foreseeable problems with this setup?

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