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Has my fish got a disease??

  1. orbelina

    orbelina Valued Member Member

    Hi all just been checking out the tank after the big water change earlier today and noticed my female killifish had a white spot on her back....can anyone tell me what it is? Is it something I need to treat or has she been attacked by another fish?

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  2. nippybetta

    nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Ouch. It almost looks like you fish has a cut or something in the first picture. I would say fungus for the white stuff, because columnaris usually starts on the fins. Whatever you do, observe all the fish closely for signs of it spreading. If you have a spare tank, I'd set it up as a hospital tank until she gets better.
  3. OP

    orbelina Valued Member Member

    It definetly isnt a cut as my husband describes them they look like they have both been painted by a five year old lol...they have red splotches all over them...what can i use to treat her if it is a fungus?