Has co2 been worth it to you?


I've been deeply considering setting up a co2 system for my tank, but I'm still on the fence about it and wanted to hear some of y'all's thoughts. Have you found it to be worth the money, or do you regret getting into it?


It's a bit of a learning curve at first but then it just sits there and does its thing - fairly low maintenance. The odd split pipe maybe - switching out the CO2 every six months. Does it do me any good? Hmm - not sure to be honest!


I don’t use it and I doubt I ever will. I’m all for using CO2 but I’ve had a lot of plants thrive without CO2. Unless my plants start to die I don’t think I’ll have a need for it.


i think it helps. but i wouldnt go for the fluval co2 kits long term. maybe to get your feet wet. but other than that they are a complete rip off also empty to fast and you should look into co2 cylinders


It's not a magic bullet but it has helped me a little since getting it 2 months. I am still working through the growing pains on it. If you don't have it yet, I would get aquasoil and a good light before setting up c02.


I got the Flourish Excell recently - it adds carbon to your tank in a different form than co2. My plants are pearling. I don't know about the growth yet, it is to soon, but so far I am pretty happy


The fish guru I learned alot of what I know from told me when starting out I should have a plan for CO2 and for ferts but not to implement if not needed. So far I haven't had to go there, though eventually I will someday. I've rotated about 40 or so species of plants through my tank and have had only minor problems with most green plants. Some of the reddish varieties have not fared as well, and I suspect CO2 might be useful for keeping them healthier and more viable. Having not executed the experiment though I cannot say that conclusively.

Whatever conclusion you reach, best of luck!


It depends on your approach to fishkeeping. Whether you keep it simple or you want to make it more complicated.

I feel more confident getting the basics right and maximising my achievements knowing I can be sure of success this way but some people are of the believe that they need to take it up a level or two to get what they call success.

I've got what I want without CO2 in my planted tanks.

Cube 30.01.10 (4).JPG

A reason to use CO2 would be if I wanted to grow different plants that required it, but I don't think I'd run out of plants I could grow without it in my lifetime.


Fahn is the co2 plant master imo . i shall try summoning her for you

Frank the Fish guy

Here's how I see it.

If I want a planted tank, I basically have two choices and need to make a commitment to one or the other approach up front.

Choice 1) Mostly plants, and a few fish.

Choice 2) Lots of fish and some plants too. For this type of tank, supplemental C02 is a needed to keep enough C02 and oxygen in the tank for both fish and plant to thrive.

I can be successful with either approach. The reason that C02 injection is popular is because it lets you set up a tank with any balance of fish and plants, and after making some adjustments to the C02 rate, and the lights you can get it to work. I like that. That way I can have more fish in the tank and still have thriving plants!

I do prefer the natural yeast method for making C02 though. Very inexpensive, steady and reliable. And, impossible to overdose.


Only thing I miss with co2 is some nicer carpet. Other than that I don’t miss it.


Chenpoes said:
I've been deeply considering setting up a co2 system for my tank, but I'm still on the fence about it and wanted to hear some of y'all's thoughts. Have you found it to be worth the money, or do you regret getting into it?
-increases the range and variety of plants you can keep
-plants grow faster, use more nutrients, and produce more oxygen
-plants can handle more intense lighting and may turn red, yellow, or bronze
-carpeting plants become a viable option if your lighting permits it
-very little changes in your routine maintenance
-inexpensive long-term cost
-may not need refilling for up to a year if you choose a larger gas cylinder

-expensive startup cost, especially for automated setups
-possible to overdose CO2
-may exacerbate existing balance issues with plants/nutrients/light/etc, causing algae explosions
-large amount of required hardware is intimidating for newcomers
-outlet timers are basically a necessity
-requires more frequent fertilizer dosing to compensate for faster rate of growth
-some plants will still require a lighting upgrade to get the most out of injected CO2

Personally I use CO2 on 2/3 of my tanks, the odd one out being a crystal shrimp breeding tank that doesn't need CO2.
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