has anyone tried dr.smith/fosters cleanup crew

Discussion in 'Saltwater Snails' started by Nate41590, Apr 15, 2010.

  1. Nate41590Valued MemberMember

    Just as the title says. Has anyone tried their attack packs? either for algae or detritus. They seem quite large. 15 hermit crabs, 30 turbo snails, and 50 dwarf hermits. thats 95 total! just for a 75 gallon tank. has anyone bought one of these packages? im having problems with dirty sand and very brown dirty rocks....so i want it gone. opinions please!!!!!
  2. SarrixxValued MemberMember

    Dr Smith/Foster seem to be very reputable names in this industry, and as such I personally would trust their advice and reccomendations. Also remember that not all of your CuC will survive and they will need repleneshing annually IMO (of course what fish you have in your tank with them and if they prey on them should also be considered)
  3. Nate41590Valued MemberMember

    well all i have now is 1 clown, and 3 damsels. im planning on getting a tang and a few others...but nothing that isnt reef safe. and yes they seem very good at what they do. i love the company. it just seemed a bit excessive.
  4. carlos413Valued MemberMember

    I don't like to get those reef cuc pakages. Some of them come with what I find to be useless criters, some are even for cold water. When you get them they don't last long because our tanks run to worm. I like the scrlet hermits and a combo of cerith and turban snails. More snails than crabs.
  5. SarrixxValued MemberMember

    Turbos are very good at eating algae and detrius and IMO are probably one of the most effectives snails a CuC can have. The only downside of them (I think) is that they can knock over your corals if you havent got them glued to your rock.
    In CuC's I'm not such a fan of hermits however. I find that a majority of snails over hermits is more effective.
  6. Nate41590Valued MemberMember

    ok thanks guys, im gonna buy the package with the most turbo snails. I have to buy from them online, because it is so much cheaper than anything i can get here. Im gonna get the 90+ gallon Caribbean pack.