Has Anyone Stocked A 90 Gallon With All Nano Fish?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by FishMich, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. FishMich

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    We are going to take a look at a 90 gallon set up today! Fingers crossed it works out for us. Has anyone stocked a 90 gallon with all nano fish before? My son wants all nano fish so he can perpetually stock the tank, lol. It’s been very disappointing for him to walk away from the LFS without fish the last few months.

    Part of me feels like an opportunity would be wasted, having a tank that size with all nano fish. Not sure if I should try to convince my son differently, or maybe he’s on to a cool idea?

    What do you think?
  2. Aqua Hands

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    Ehhh, They can be cool but like you said I feel it would be a waste. has he seen African cichlids?
  3. Kyleena696

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    I haven't done it but I do have plans to eventually stock a 50-100 gallon with entirely nano fish! I think it would be mesmerizing to have a few huge schools of small fish in that large of a tank.
  4. david1978

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    nothings a waist. Go with what you would like. A lot of people probably consider my 75 gallon betta tank a waist but i like it and thats all that matters. Lol. I had a 55 with 2 schools of nano fish the one was ember tetras and i can't remember the other but i was pretty neat to watch them all.
  5. A. Rozhin

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  6. Coradee

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    I haven’t done it & don’t know how big this tank is but this is one of my favourite fish videos
  7. Susiefoo

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    I don't know if you are referring just to true nano fish like CPDs etc, but I have a 65g with smaller fish (harlequin rasboras, neon tetras, otocinclus, cories etc) because those are the fish I like. I like to see lots of little fish interacting in their schools, and find it so much more interesting that watching a few big fish parading up and down the tank. I hope to get a 125g in a few years and will be filling it with big schools of small fish. It's all personal preference.

    Go with whatever you and your son like! :)
  8. OP

    FishMichValued MemberMember

    We haven’t looked too much into cichlids. Do you have any favourites we could look up? The only ones we have liked so far are German Blue Rams (I know they’re from SA, not Africa). We are planning on having a pair in the 29 gallon, so we are open to suggestions for the 90. I hope, I hope, I hope we can get it!!!

    He does love Emerald Dwarf Rasboras and other nanos. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind slightly larger fish too!

    Thank you both for posting those videos! The schooling fish truly are mesmerizing all together in a large tank.
  9. PatientStars

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    I have a 50 gallon with several smaller types in it, and I LOVE the variety! I think similarly to your son it seems, I would rather have lots of different fish than just a few bigger ones. The largest fish I have are a pair of dalmatian mollies.

    Here's my current stock:
    50 gal, tropical, sand on top of gravel substrate

    3×harlequin rasboras
    4×fancy guppies (male)
    3×yellow tiger endlers (male)
    7×furcata blue eyed rainbowfish
    5×neon gold gobies
    panda cory catfish
    bristlenose plecos
    2×dalmatian mollies
    1×balloon molly
    mystery snails
    1×sulawesi (rabbit) snail
    neocardinia shrimp
    amano shrimp

    They all swim in varying levels of the tank, and I often catch the guppies, endlers and rainbowfish all schooling together, even the rasboras join in sometimes. I love the variety in shape and color, and everyone is happy, active, and healthy.
  10. Mom2some

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    On YouTube check out the channel by Rachel O’Leary who is something of a Nano fish expert & has some tanks like you describe I think.

    BTW - my dream tank is something like the first video above.
  11. OP

    FishMichValued MemberMember

    They say variety is the spice of life! We went to see the tank, he told the guy who was selling it that he wanted to fill it with LOTS of little fish.

    YES!!! Rachel O’Leary has become a favourite of ours to watch together. That’s how he’s learned about many of his favourite nanos. He loves pea puffers, emerald dwarf rasboras, and hillstream loaches. Those are his favourites.

    So, we’re getting the tank! We’ll need to borrow a friend’s truck on Saturday to move it and the stand. My son shook the guy’s hand to seal the deal :) I won’t believe it’s actually real until it’s in our house intact. I hope it survives the move!

    Lots of planning to be done!!!
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  12. RachelNoel

    RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    Congratulations! Good luck with moving it.
    A decent school of diamond tetras would look amazing. I think they get along with nano fish too.
  13. OP

    FishMichValued MemberMember

    Oh yes! Love the look of diamond tetras! Very pretty fish.
  14. RachelNoel

    RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    Will this be a planted tank?
  15. OP

    FishMichValued MemberMember

    Yes! That is the plan. I’ve never done a planted tank before. We also just got a 29 gallon that I want to plant. I’m not sure which tank I should start first! Maybe the 29 and smooth out the learning bumps and then try my hand at the 90?
  16. RachelNoel

    RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    Cool. IMO fish look so much better in a planted aquarium. They seem more content as well.
    Sounds like your son is super excited about the 90. You might be setting it up sooner than expected. Per his request ;)

    A bit off topic, but if that's you in the profile pic you have a very beautiful smile.
  17. Aqua'rd_FishKeeper

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    Last year i did a 40 long with all nanos and it was cool at first but truthfully got boring and i love fish. What happend for me was is that it really takes ALOT of Nano fish to fill all that space. you'll need a big school of something to truley enjoy them and that will cost alot of $$$ as well. nano fish are not cheap. and when you do finally get the numbers you want it will kind of just be a big tank full of a gizillion tiny fish. Not to disuade you but i would recommend doing a giant school of:

    50 Neon Tetras
    some bronze and albino corydora catfish
    and a rubber lip pleco that will excite everyone when you spot him out and about.

    that or let him to pick 5 or 6 male guppies from your fish store, a couple female guppies and you guys can get a colony going in that tank no problem.
  18. RachelNoel

    RachelNoelValued MemberMember

    You don't necessarily need to buy all the nano fish. You could breed them in one of the smaller tanks. And then once the fry reach a decent size you could put them in the 90. A lot of tetras are reasonably easy to breed.
    Plus breeding fish would be exciting for your son.
  19. Aqua'rd_FishKeeper

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    i think it would be easier to breed guppies instead of the tetras. also guppies have alot of personality, different colors, and will use every inch of that 90 gallon tank. you can teach your son about breeding fish, how to tell males and females apart by fins, teach him about water changes all while having a fun, engaging and easy to keep aquarium.

    you could also breed guppies and keep other nano fish as well. that would be awsome too!
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  20. OP

    FishMichValued MemberMember

    Aww, that’s very sweet of you to say. I haven’t been feeling all that great lately, so that’s a lovely compliment, I’ll take it :)

    I just hope the 90 gets here intact. I’m starting to realize that the 29 is more my baby for stocking. The 90 is all for my boy.

    Very valid point. I think it would be relaxing to watch the large schools do their thing, but from starting out with our small tank, we really got to know each fish’s personality. I really am torn. Maybe we could do a big school of fish, but add a few peaceful colourful larger fish?

    We have one possible breeding project in the works. We bought the last three corydoras habrosus from the LFS. I’d really like to separate them from our first tank and put them in their own 10 gallon. I’d like to add a few more and let them breed. I think he would get joy from seeing and raising fry. But his absolute favourite thing is to bring fish home from the LFS.

    Lol! I don’t know if I could handle 90 gallons of guppies! We have a platy and two guppies in our first tank. I do like them, but they are such pigs, it’s hard to feed the cories because they want to eat everything. I think we’d like to try species we haven’t had before.
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