Has Anyone Any Experience Of Using Juwel Conexo, Please?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by pagoda, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. pagoda

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    Basically looking for those of you who have used the specialist glue as I am going to be using artificial plants in my second aquarium and would like them to be attached to the glass. Reason for wanting them stuck down is that there will be Corydoras and other fish that enjoy digging alot and after experiences with a live planted aquarium of plant dug up all over the place, I would quite like to avoid the same with the artificial ones, please

    So far I have only found the Juwel Conexo glue being suitable for underwater use for plastic on glass....if anyone knows others that they have used, please let me know that too

    Many thanks :)
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    Hi. Not sure if this helps, but I use suction cups on mine. I tie them with fishing line, works great. I tried live plants but they were constantly being uprooted. I have 4 Cory's and about 20 eggs about to hatch. Been in the hobby 6 months and am hooked! Good luck!
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    Thank you for that idea Cindy22....its certainly something to consider trying :)

    I used to use artificial plants years ago but they had much heavier weights than the ones I have for the second aquarium....and yes I agree on the live plants, my current aquarium is live planted and tween the hooligans digging them up and reorganising them and the snail explosions, they have been a bit of a nightmare.

    I shall see if I can sort enough suction cups for my plants if no-one has experience of adnesives.

    Thank you again :)
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  5. aussieJJDude

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    Have you considered making your own weights? You could tie on the plants to peices of rock for example, or silicone them on.

    Otherwise, consider using plants that dont require substrate to thrive. Plants like java fern, anubias, floating plants,bolbitis and bucephlandra are all good options.
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    The plants are artificial for the second aquarium aussieJJDude, I got caught out with snail explosions with the live plants in my existing aquarium and wish to avoid that again at all costs cos I need a relatively quick turnaround on the second aquarium plus the top area of water needs to remain clear for the Kissers to access the surface easier than in the live planted aquarium where the plants are trying to take over a little too much

    Unusually the artificial plants have quite light bases....I am considering using silicone or aquarium glue to attach them to slate pieces which would then be anchored down by the sand/gravel substrate & swim throughs.