Harmful tank lighting??

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Evan1, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Evan1

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    Ok, I am wondering if I shoudl leave th elight on the tnak on or off overnight? I have bene leaving it off, is it dangerous to leave it off all night? I have also noticed just whenever i have had a fish die in the past it was overnight, but never during the day.
  2. Gunnie

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    Evan, the lights are merely for you, not the fish.  It is suggested that you only leave your lights on 10 hours a day, because if you leave them on all the time, you will have serious algae problems.  10 hours is also enough light time for your plants to stay green.  It won't hurt anything to leave them on, except for the algae, but also keep in mind that your fish sleep too, and don't have eyelids to close their eyes.   ;)
  3. fletch

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    fish do need light, the same as any other creature. I wouldnt leave the light off all the time. There are some cave fish that never see light but it can be harmfull for their general health. Animals get ill when they dont have enough light, no vitamin D
  4. 0morrokh

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    Do turn it off during the night. Fish need to sleep, too!