HarleyMan's Big Marine project

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Wondered about doing that Trpimp. Since I've never done it before do I need to get permission from the foreman or anything like that? Or just drive up to the dumpster, jump in and start pulling out stuff?
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here in my state the law is once its in the trash its any ones game. haha but its best to ask due to they don't want people stealing but also they don't want to pay that $5 extra worth of wood to be trashed.
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A small update

The tank dimensions have changed from 675g to 450g and will be 144"L x 30"W x 24"H

The reasons for the change is the front glass that I will have to get. With the tank depth at 36", the water pressure will be greater than 24". Having it at 24" deep will put less stress on the joints and the front glass.

It will also make it a bit easier for my short- to reach into the tank
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I also forgot to mention, I'm seriously considering making it an African cichlid tank instead of saltwater for a few years.

My really likes some of the African cichlids and if it makes her happy then it'll make me happy too.
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I think you'll be happy with them.... I am
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That would look really nice as a African tank. It would be jaw dropping actually. I didn't realize that you had changed your screen name from HarleyMan to D so I didn't realize who this was for a while lol. Keep on keeping us updated. I am enjoying following your progress. I might have missed it somewhere else but how much is this whole thing gonna cost just the tank.
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No idea on total cost just yet. Some of the materials I may be able to get for free - like lumber - depends on my contacts

I've been looking at a lot of other similar projects and I'm thinking of building the stand with 2x4's and the skeleton of the tank with 2x4's. Then the bottom, back, left and right side of the tank with hardiboard. I went to Home Depot the other day just to have a look at the hardiboard and it is $21.99. The A1 grade plywood is $29.99; hence the

The tank insides will then be sealed with Drylok and silicone at the edges and the glass will also be sealed with silicone.

The idea of African cichlids for the occupants would be much more viable - and I believe the wife will go for it too. ;D

One species she definitely likes are the Yellow Labs, Labidochromis caeruleus, and having shown her the one that outlaw has, confirmed it - now I'd just have to decide what to have with them .
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Can't wait till you get started on this and post some pics. I personally like the Red Fins. The deep blue almost purple with a fire red/orange looks pretty cool. They are also fairly calm too. The do chase each other around once in a while but what species doesn't? either way, can't wait.

Good Luck too !
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whats the status on your tank
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and I also think a cichlid tank would be amazing, I would love to be able to do that. I would have a few larger cichlids, like oscars, jacks, severums, green terrors

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