Harlequin Rasbora's and YoYo Loaches?

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    Canadian Fish Valued Member Member

    I had previously asked if I could keep Bleeding Heart Tetras with Harlequin Rasboras and Zebra loaches in a 35 Gallon tank.

    Because of size I ended up getting the zebra loaches for our established 55 gallon aquarium (they're awesome, btw) and we decided to keep ryukin calico goldfish in our 35 gallon. We have one so far and plan on adding two more. Freaky looking fish.

    So today we bought a new 55 gallon tank. This time, I am going to get the wife her bleeding heart tetras. I was wondering if I could keep bleeding heart tetras, harlequin rasboras, and yoyo (pakistani loaches) together.

    Some yoyo loach profiles say they are good community fish, but I've read that some people have had problems keeping harlequin rasboras and yoyos together because the yoyos are too aggressive.

    If anyone has experience housing these fish together, I would appreciate your feedback.

    I was also wondering if yoyos are strictly nocturnal, or if I will see them frequently like my zebra loaches (they are active and often out during the day)

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    Lexi03 Well Known Member Member

    My yo yos are out all the time, all over the place. I have not done so yet, but I plan to keep harliquins with them, I did not get any negative feed back on my planned stock list when I posted it. I do not think it will be a problem my harlequins have been in a tank with angels and bolivan rams for more then a year.