Hardy Cheap Fish Or Coral For Non-cycled Tank

Discussion in 'Saltwater Beginners' started by CPgrower, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. CPgrower

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    Hi everyone, I am going to start setting up my SW tank this weekend. I was wondering as the tank is being cycled, what can be put in the tank first to help with the process? Something that can fit in a 25 gallon. I kind of really want a LPS or brain coral first, any tips and recommendations? Thanks!
  2. Bruxes and Bubbles

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    I would wait until after the cycling process is over to add fish or inverts - it's a lot easier to cycle without fish or invertebrates, and this goes for freshwater and saltwater. Live rock can help with the cycling process, but it is likely that corals or fish or invertebrates could be killed when ammonia and nitrites and nitrates start to spike in the cycling process.
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    I 100% agree. Wait a few weeks before adding anything. If you know someone with a tank get a rock or some sand from an established tank to help cycle yours faster
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    Corals are not like plants in the sense that they can survive high ammonia levels, they delicate and need certain parameters to do well. I would avoid live rock and start with dry rock, probably slower but safer as with live rock you dont really know what you are putting in there.
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    Oh I see, Is there any way else to speed up the process? I am using a HOB filter for the tank for mechanical and biological filtration. What is the hardiest LPS corals I can get after the tank is cycled? Thanks!
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    Live rock will speed up the process, but other than that, it's like watching grass grow.

    Remember, nothing good happens fast in saltwater. Patience is key.
    A lot of beginners make the same mistake time after time. They get impatient and start to stock anyways and comes back with "my tank parameter is fine, but my fish is dead".

    Any who, a cycle can take a few weeks to months. Testing your ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate will let you know when it is done.

    A beginner LPS coral to try... Duncan would be my choice.
    A softie that's pretty much bulletproof is the Green Leather Toadstool.
  8. OP

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    Ooo, thanks for your reply! Duncan corals look awesome, I think I am going to get it and some mushrooms first. I understand about the impatient part. But about liverock... If i put it in the uncycled tank first, won't the hitch hikers die and pollute the water? I kind of want the hitch hikers or do I just clean them off. Thanks!
  9. AWheeler

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    Some of them might die off and provide you with some ammonia, some hitch hikers will actually survive, some won't.
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    Go to the supermarket buy a jumbo shrimp cut it in half toss it in and let that start the cycle process. As it breaks down will give plenty of food for the BB to feed and grow off of.