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Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by LyleB, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. LyleBWell Known MemberMember

    Hey all, I just got my GH/KH test kit in the mail today. API liquid (of course). Tested my 10 gal. that has Neons, Pygmy Corys, and one Mystery snail in it. the tank tested at 21 for GH, 17 for KH. HARD in other words. I then tested my tap water, 24 for GH, 17 for KH. Guess the one piece of driftwood is having some minimal effect. The inhabitants all seem to be doing fine.

    My pH is consistently 8.2 to 8.4.

    I've always been interested in African Cichlids, guess I have the water for them to feel right at home.

    I'm assuming conventional wisdom says leave well enough alone and not try to alter things. Anyone disagree?
  2. oscarsbudWell Known MemberMember

    My pH is at 8 and my fish are doing great. I wouldn't mess with the pH. Personally, I think messing with the pH does more harm than good. It is hard to keep the water the same all the time and that is more stressful to the fish than having the same hard reading all the time.

    On a side note, are you planning to put the neons and corys in the 29 gallon after it's cycled? 10 gallons is a bit cramped for that many fish as active as those guys are.
  3. LyleBWell Known MemberMember

    Yep, that is the plan. PetSmart had a good selection of Bettas for $1.99 this evening. That's the planned new inhabitant of the 10 gal once it's vacated.

    I put filter media from the 10 gal into the 29 gal when I started cycling, started producing nitrates right off the bat, and would drop the ammonia from 4ppm to 0 within two days. I thought I would have a quick cycle. However, now, after several weeks, it will still drop ammonia from 3ppm to 0 within one day, but the nitrites are staying off the chart most of the time. Nitrates keep rising, so things are working, just not as fast as I hoped. Those dang slow Nitrite converting bacteria are taking their sweet time.

    Heading out of town on the 6th for a week, had hoped to have the Neons in their new home by then, but unsure now. Don't want to move them just before I leave.

    I did a partial water change on the 29 today, as the nitrates had climbed to 80ppm. The waiting game.