Haps? Peacocks? Labs?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by Friends.NotFood., Apr 19, 2018.

  1. Friends.NotFood.Valued MemberMember

    can anyone please send me a list of fish that would go well in my tank as far as aggression goes. I have an orange blotch which I believe is a peacock, a demasoni dwarf Mbuna, a powder blue Mbuna I believe, an auratus Mbuna, and a bumblebee Mbuna. Also a venustus but I’m returning him because he gets picked on. I just learned it’s because he’s a hap and they usually get bullied by Mbuna. Please enlighten me on the hap/Mbuna/peacock/lab situation.
  2. DutchAquariumWell Known MemberMember

    Could you tell us your aquarium size.
  3. CraiginWalesValued MemberMember

    Ideally you would keep Mbuna on their own as they’re much more aggressive than Peacocks & Haps. Don’t be fooled by Demasoni being a dwarf Mbuna, they’re also one of the most aggressive & shouldn’t be kept in groups of less than 8. You’re right to return the Venustus as they get very large, if I were you I’d also return the OB Peakcock & keep it a Mbuna only tank. Some people do mix but they tend to have very large tanks & are experienced.
    Ideally you would keep 1 male to a minimum of 3 females. I preferred 5, to spread out the harassment a little. Or have a male only tank, one of each but nont too similar looking.
    Mbuna are probably the only fish where the more you have, the better (as long as your filtration & O2 are up to it). It reduces aggression. You’ll need to provide plenty of rocks & caves (Mbuna means rock fish) & a sand substrate. Don’t bother with plants, they’ll be destroyed but encourage algae growth on your rocks as it’s a main food source for Mbuna. Labs btw are also Mbunas, one of the more peaceful sub species. I can’t give you further advice until we know the size of your tank, filtration etc. Also your expectations?

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