Happy frog or something else? Question

Discussion in 'Amphibians' started by tatty_kassy, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. tatty_kassy

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    Hey All!
    I got an ADF a few days ago and I asked for some info about them and you were all very helpful and provided me with some great links :)
    Now I was warned it might be a bad idea to put him in with my fish in my tank. I have 6 danios, 3 tetras, 1 guppy, 2 platys, and one oto catfish. I figured I would re-set up the tank to make it easier for him to hide with more dense plants.
    So far, he hides once and awhile but most of the time hes crawling around the bottom of the tank or hanging out on a plant. The fish seem to ignore him, he even comes out at feeding time and eats out in the open. I was thrilled that he was so comfortable!
    Now I am wondering if this is a bad thing, in the info it said that sometimes it can mean a bad thing if they arn't hiding enough. He seems to look in good health and is even colored. Theres no injuries so the fish arn't picking on him....
    Am I being paranoid? Or is he just an outgoing dude?
  2. Lucy

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    Sounds like he's fine to me. :)

    I understand your worry.
    When I first got mine, I worried about every little thing. When they hung at the top, when they hung at the bottom, when they were in their 'zen' position just floating, you name it, I worried. lol
  3. OP

    tatty_kassyValued MemberMember

    lol thats good I sometimes feel silly posting my questions because I am new to this but I just want to make sure everything is going good! :)

  4. Meenu

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    It's better to ask than to end up with a problem later. Not silly. :)
  5. Lucy

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    Don't feel silly! I use to poke (well not really poke, just nudge) mine to make sure they were alive, until I understand thats just what they do. lol
    My husband would say "just leave them alone!" lol
  6. trinket

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    I worry about everything all the time too, haha.

    My frogs are often out and about, to varying amounts. Cricket hides more, Jiminy is more of a floater and a general clown, clumsily swimming around. But they're way more active after I shut their light off-I only noticed this last week!