Hap or peacock for my tank

Discussion in 'African Cichlids' started by LeoDiaz, Jul 24, 2014.

  1. LeoDiaz

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    I'm looking for a "centerpiece"fish for mbuna tank. Is there a hap or peacock or another african cichlid that can live with them?
  2. Thai Aquarium ownerWell Known MemberMember

    If you have a Mbuna tank, Peacocks ( which are Haps FYI ) should not be mixed with them.
    They require totally different conditions than Mbuna
  3. OP

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    Different conditions? They both come from the same lake.
  4. Thai Aquarium ownerWell Known MemberMember

    They both come from the same lake - agreed, and this is why the Rift Valley Lake fish are so widely mis-understood.
    However Mbuna are a species flock and Haps ( Hapolochromis ) are a different species flock, and there are also others within Lake Malawi, but these are very uncommon in the Aquarium trade.
    FYI, the only thing that is the same for these two species flocks is the water parameters.
    Mbuna need
    1) A food source that has a high content of vegetable matter as they are Herbivorous, mostly grazing algae from the rocks as their main food source,
    These kinds of foods are low in protein.
    2) They also require loads of rock stacked at the rear of the tank to mimic there bio-scope ( Mbuna means Rock fish )
    The fish live, eat, and breed within the rocks
    Haps need
    1) A food source that has a higher protein content because they are Piscavorious - they eat fish mostly, which has a much higher protein content.
    2 ) The tank should have rocks at each end with open sand in the center to mimic the territory that is patrolled and inhabited by Haps as hunters.
    If high protein foods are fed to Mbuna, they will develop the condition called " Malawi Bloat ", and the reason for this is that the digestive tract of Mbuna is very much longer than the digestive tract of the Haps.
    The longer digestive tract of the Mbuna is required in order to digest the lower protein food they eat.
    I hope this goes some way to explaining why conditions are different for these two species flocks
  5. Marie1

    Marie1Well Known MemberMember

    All of the fish will be the center piece. These really can't have a single fish that will stand out from the rest. It's not like having a tank with schooling fish, then a angel or gourami as the center piece. It just doesn't work like that with mbuna.
  6. OP

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    In way he will be the centerpiece fish cause he will be bigger. My tank has a lot open swimming space. I ask other mbunas keeper and they say I can be done.
  7. OP

    LeoDiazFishlore VIPMember

    Who told you peacocks were haps?
  8. ghost22

    ghost22New MemberMember

    peacocks and haps are totally diffrent.. as long as the peacock you put in your tank is bigger than the mbuna you should be good i have an all male tank with peacocks mbuna and haps. just rember that when you add the peacocks to put at least 3 the mbunas are more agressive and territorial thats why the peacocks need to bigger or the same size. overstock the tank is key to mixing.

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