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Still 9 juvI clowns from the Jan. 6th hatch. I am trying to figure out the lighting that is needed for the first few days and only have 4 survivors from last week but another clutch of eggs was laid on Friday soooo.....any suggestions would be appreciated. These are eating powdered flake, cyclopeze, newly hatched brine and always rotifers. 4 weeks old and wanted to share photos. I gave them a castle & some plastic plants because I added a filter and wanted them to have a hiding place from the new water movement. I have decided not to add the non-living as food until I can also have a filter. There are some 'perfect' fish and some mis-bars that are so unique! Wish I could get this right.


Awwwwwwwww how sweet!

Thanks for sharing the photos.

Hold on for more responses.



They are adorable!!!!!!!!! I have never seen them sooooooooo tiny...I wish u all the luck with them........

Have u thought about possibly using a sponge filter???? I have SeaHorses......and I have had babies.......theyre very fragile.......but the sponge has worked out great......I use a valve on my tubing to control the flow for them

Good luck!!!!!! Love clownies!!!!!


they are precious, what setup did you provide for the clowns to mate, and what do you feed the babies

Stang Man

The more light for them during a day is better they will keep active and move more around.Get them on formula 1 and 2 foods for best reults other than what you posted. It will help for you and them to grow faster.

Congrats!!! On the new fry!!!

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