Halloween Madness


Winner is @BornThisWayBetta

Note: The 50 post minimum rule applies to this contest.

10 Painted Fire Red Shrimp - You pay Priority or Express Mail from 19382 via Paypal

I have decided to switch to OEBT shrimp and will be giving these to a contest participant.

Notes: I am not a professional vendor, so these shrimp will be shipped in a plastic jar with insulated box and Taiwan Moss for them to hang onto for the ride.

Contest Rules:

Post a picture of yourself, spouse or child in a Halloween costume. I will be judging the contest based on creativity, so don't be afraid to show me what you got (keep it clean).

One entry per contestant. The contest officially ends EST 11:00am November 02, 2015. I will decide the winner and announce it 1:00pm same day. Shrimp will ship when postage is collected from the winner. Pay before 5:00pm est and I will be able to ship that day.


Oh yes! I'd love some shrimp ( never had any but I have been raising fish for about 5 years )

Here is my son ( last year though ) that I made from a plain box. He's a Boxtroll named CHEESE.

This is us THIS year - Ghostbusters!




Me and my friend as bodyguards

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Thanks for the entries so far.

Remember entry windows closes at 11:00 am EST 11/02/2015. Entries are judged on creativity in the Halloween theme.

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