Hallelujah Betta Tanks Are Clear!!!!

Discussion in 'Aquarium Water' started by Zoomo, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    So excited, took a day or 3, but they are pretty much crystal clear. I am afraid to do water changes in a few days. Grrrr.

    But, the snail tank is still very cloudy. Just changed their water, 90% last Friday. I have to change this much more often and it is running 3 filters with Purigen in 2 of them. One filter is brand new just got in the mail, 2 are older and one has a relatively new pad in it, the other has an old pad and purigen packed in there. I am sure it is too small of a tank for these snails and the bioload. Any suggestions other than getting another one. They have a full 5-gallon to themselves, and have nowhere else to put a bigger tank. There are 4 in there, I had them in the betta tanks. Long story short they are mystery snails, because i wanted to put a snail in with each betta, but Nerites don't move around enough for me, so bought these, and didn't realize how much of a bioload they put out, so took them all out and they are in their own tank now. I am so entertained by them so do not want to get rid of them. Just do not know how to keep their tank clean. Last water change though my sucky water sucker outer had broken so had to suck start it and didn't get too much of the gravel cleaned off, so I will do a better vaccuum this time.
  2. Rohit messValued MemberMember

    You can do daily water changes instead of weekly. Daily 10% is good.
    I have a pipe and valve from my tank (10G)directly into my pots. Just open the valve, and once water stops dropping, close the valve and top off the tank. So my tank water gets changed daily about 5-10%.
    I only have to gravel vac then once a month.
    Or you can always go for a big tank :) sound more fun to me.
  3. ZoomoWell Known MemberMember

    Wish I had room for bigger tanks, may soon if I move my room to the spare room, but waiting on that for now. I'm a mom and think a child may be moving home, so staying where I am for the moment.
  4. Rohit messValued MemberMember

    Well thought. I am a kid so i do not have to worry about so many things. :)
    And i hope your kid is into fish and tanks!!!!!!

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