Halfmoon Betta Fin Clamped??? Help Please!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by Morgan Ford, May 25, 2018.

  1. Morgan FordNew MemberMember

    So I've had my betta since May 4th and its currently May 25th. He is a dumbo halfmoon. When I got him his back fin appeared just fine (actually they all appeared great to me). I've attached a picture from when I got him. Now his back fin appears either clamped on the top or possibly missing with a red area where it seems it might be clamped? I've attached pictures from that as well. His tail is looking worse than it did when I got him. I do weekly 20-30% water changes and he is in a filtered tank with a heater. Can anyone help diagnose him and guide me in how to help him? He isn't acting different or swimming any differently. He's eating just fine. I noticed last week that he was flaring at what I'm assuming was his reflection because he is a hexagonal tank which had great reviews and other betta owners stated they didn't have this issue. I do plan on getting a different tank this weekend. I've been doing everything I can for the time being to prevent any glare in the tank so he can't see his reflection as I felt he may be getting stressed out from that.

    So breakdown of pictures:
    -Here is one just regular pic with no drawing on it. This is his current state.

    -Purple drawing: This is what I'm referring to that I think may be a clamped fin and you can see the redish/pink looking area.

    -Red drawing: Is this fin rot? Or is this normal looking?

    -Orange drawing: His fins have always been a little uneven in these areas. But not quite as uneven as now maybe. Is this normal?

    -In the cup: This is from the day I got him for reference.

    Thank you for any assistance you can provide! I'm trying to be the best betta fish owner I can be!
  2. LilBlub

    LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    When fish clamp their fins, they lay all their fins flat against their body. That’s definitely not clamping, and are you sure the pink area isn’t just part of his coloration? It doesn’t particularly stand out, at least not in the picture.

    As for the fins, I can see some black edges to them, which could indicate fin rot. However, it seems fairly mild. To keep it from getting worse, you should increase your water changes. I’d recommend once a day or every other day.

    Is he flaring constantly? Or just now and then? If it’s constant, then you may not need to get a new tank as there are tips online about preventing bettas from seeing their reflection. If it’s just now and then, there’s nothing to worry about. Flaring occasionally is actually good exercise!

    What size tank is he in? And do you know the water parameters?
  3. OP

    Morgan FordNew MemberMember

    The pink area could just be his coloration. He did not have any pink in him when I first got him though I know his color can change. It only concerned me because it seemed to be most prominent in a line right where his back fin seems folded or something is going on with it (like in the pic with purple drawing). Though he does have some pinkish hue on his other fins as well. Before, his back fin was nicely splayed out like a normal halfmoon, which is why it concerned me that it is no longer nicely spread out like that.

    He is not flaring constantly. He only flares when he seems to be seeing his reflection in his tank as it is a hexagonal shape. The glare in the tank only occurs when the tank light is on and there isn't enough room light on as well. When I try to up the room light as much as possible or just turn the tank light off he doesn't seem to flare. Since his tank is a hexagon, I followed some tips online to prevent him from seeing his reflection. I have a white background on the back 3 sides of the hexagon and that combined with the addition of a lamp beside the tank to increase room light has seemed to help some but does still occasionally flare at his reflection. I did know it was good exercise but was concerned he may be doing it too much as I cannot watch him 24/7 and can't catch every time he flares. I do actually have an "exercise" floating mirror that I had used twice over the span of a week (no longer than 5 minutes at a time) before I noticed him flaring but when he started to flare at his reflection on the tank I stopped using it.

    He is currently in a 2.5-gallon tank. I do want to upgrade to at least a 3.5 gallon. Unfortunately, I cannot give him the 5-gallon tank I would like to because I do not have space in my tiny room.

    Here are my current levels:
    Amonia - somewhere between 0 & 0.5
    Nitrate - 0
    Nitrite - between 0 & 0.5
    Hardness - 25
    Chlorine - 0
    Alkalinity - close to 0
    pH - 6.8

    Thank you for your help! Any other advice is definitely welcome! I'm new to this and did a ton of research on bettas and I thought I was doing everything to the best of my ability. But, I guess not because something definitely seems off with his fins. Though he doesn't seem in pain or anything because he is acting normal and eating normal I do want to make sure he is properly cared for.
  4. LilBlub

    LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    Don’t worry, you seem like a great fish mom! Things like this happen to everyone.

    I do see the fold in his tail, that is odd. I’m not sure what’s going on with that, maybe someone else will join in the conversation with the answer.

    I would increase water changes, and see if the black edges go away. Luckily it doesn’t look bad yet, so it should be fairly easy to reverse with clean water (since there’s a little ammonia, that could be making it worse). If that doesn’t help for some reason, you could add some Stress Coat. It’s both a water conditioner and a medication to help fish regrow tissue.
  5. OP

    Morgan FordNew MemberMember

    I'll definitely increase his water changes from my weekly water change to, hopefully, at least every other day.

    I have been using purchased gallons of purified water and adding the appropriate amount of water conditioner when I do water changes. Should I be using regular tap water with water conditioner or is my purified water with water conditioner okay? I've been using the purified water with water conditioner from the very beginning after consulting with some other betta fish owners. I wanted the best possible water and was willing to commit to buying gallons of purified water for initial setup and water changes. I didn't want anything from tap water to harm my betta even after I treated the water.
  6. LilBlub

    LilBlubWell Known MemberMember

    Personally, I use treated tap water with all my fish, including my two bettas. I’ve never had a problem with it before. With one small tank, it’s probably fine to buy the purified water, but I have six ranging in size from 10 gallons to 55 gallons. That would be a LOT of water to buy!
  7. Billy T

    Billy TValued MemberMember

    I started out buying Betta water and purified but if you find Seachems Prime then you will have no problems treating tap water with it and will save in the long run. 1mL treats 10 gallons. Someone on here told me 2 drops a gallon, I usually do 2-4 more than 2 per gallon and have no problems. Just to be safe test you’re water before you put it in the tank. Prime detoxifies the ammonia, nitrites, Nitrates for 24-48 hrs. If you test you’re tank water and you’re water test high you can dose 5 x’s reccomended amount. Also recommend the liquid API freshwater test kit, this and Prime are a must imo and you may already have them, just seeing you’re post

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