Hair Algae! Help

Discussion in 'Saltwater Algae Problems' started by binskiboi, Dec 29, 2009.

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    Hello everyone! About 3 weeks ago I bought a new saltwater tank. I had 1 chromis in and a piece of live rock for the first week, then got a yellow tail damsel, and live sand for the last 2 weeks. My tank has completed cycling and all the params are normal and selinity is 1.028. Yesterday I bought a fire goby and a valentini puffer. (I plan on staying FOWLER for awhile until i am ready to move on) I am going to gerbers later today to get some more live rock.

    Now to the problem....
    The past 2 weeks ive had TERRIBLE algae problems. I believe its called hair algae because its small stringy and in large groups. It seem impossible to get off (i have a tool with a sponge side, harder sponge side, and a scraper. Can't get it off with any of those). I have bought 4 zombie snails and 2 netrite snails and still nothing.


    P.S. I bought the zombie snails because i was having rotium or w/e the brown sand problem is called they have fixed that for the most part!
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