Hair algae ?

I have 5 tanks, but my 20 gallon one gets what I THINK is hair algae. I've read about it and it seems that it starts on flat surfaces. This isn't where I find it. I find it in 1 certain plant MOST of the time when I see small filaments floating away and it's coming from this (unknown name) plant. Then there's a soft clump of it in the plant. I just reached in today and pulled it out, and threw away that part of the plant. It's one that's planted, but has come to the top and spread, and that's where it's starting. I've been able to control it manually this way. I wish I'd taken pictures of it. I actually found it first today on the right side of the tank where floating plants were below the filter water coming in, a few strands that I removed, then looked over where trouble usually starts and found it.

I do not have CO2 but just started using Easy Carbon Algae Inhibitor I got from Aquarium Co-op about a month ago. Supposed to be every other day but admittedly I forget a lot and it's probably been twice a week. I have a light that cycles through a 24 hour cycle, but every day before I leave for work at 2, I turn it off, and turn it back on at 4:30 (on all my tanks) just so I can enjoy my tanks longer in the evening with lights. (Where does a person work for 2 1/2 hours? I drive a school van - my retirement job!)

I'm pretty sure it's being caused by the brightness of the light, although most of the time when it's on 100%, I turn it off. Could THAT be a problem? Would the dimmer lights cause algae to grow more? I could give it longer darkness in the morning and start it later, and let it alone if that would help.

I have 1 hour now to go clean it and do a WC, so will be doing that, should've been done a week ago but we've been busy, I focused on my 40 gallon when I had time. I want to start out with cleaning the normal algae from the walls, doing a water change, probably time to clean the impeller - and I'll add the Easy Carbon when finished.

This is a male guppy tank with 10-12 boys, 4 cories and 1 crazy SAE who'd rather eat fish food than algae and isn't earning his keep. I had blue shrimp in there and lost several, moved 3 or 4 survivors to my cull tank, but there is one who still shows himself now and then. The water doesn't seem to be killing them or he'd be gone too. If I can catch him today, he's being moved over as well.

I do not know my current parameters, will fill tubes before I start and test it later. Guessing the nitrates are getting high, also going to add a stem of pothos to it today.

Will check here before or after work... thanks for any ideas or suggestions.
Hair algae is the easiest to control ime. Just buy a dimmer and dial your lights down a bit :) the easy carbon will help too. Once your lights are lower it shouldn't come back after being removed
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When I started cleaning the sides, the 1 remaining shrimp climbed on my arm, guess SHE was lonely. Quickly ruled out the "he" moniker from earlier. Was able to net her quickly. She didn't seem to be carrying babies atm, put her into the other tank later and 2 males went to greet her quickly. Now what color will she have? lol

I changed out about 12 gallons from the 20, and once when I put the end of the siphon into the holder on the bucket, I turned to drizzle water into the shrimp's bag. Turned around and the hose had popped out of the bucket and probably dumped about a gallon on the floor. Why does every job I do lately turn into 2 or 3? Hubby was here and helped grab towels, and did laundry while I worked. It's an inexpensive vinyl flooring in that room, I'd never keep a tank where there's carpet!

Still have to work on my filter, taking carbon out and stuffing something else into it. Then have some extra val from my larger tank to plant. Plants do very well in this tank, better than any other. Unfortunately so does algae!

I'll try to lower the light intensity Pfrozen, thank you for that idea. Hoping some pothos helps soon too.
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