Hair Algae In My Angelfish

75g Discus Tank

Hello fellow fishlorians!

I’ve been battling some really bad hair algae. During a feeding, one of my angels swam into the hair algae clump and was trapped for about 10 seconds. He escaped unharmed.

Well, that was a week ago and now I see hair algae coming out from his rear end.

Can it be harmful?
How should I remove it?

It’s kinda hard to see, but its green hair algae coming from his rear end, not worms.


While angelfish don't normally eat plant foods, they do on occasion. I've had two angelfish that used to eat hair algae for some reason. I'm sure this is just undigested algae that they ate.
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75g Discus Tank

What should I try to do to get it out?

Should I try to feed peas?
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Wait and see if he poops it out otherwise id try peas or pulling it out gently.


Don’t worry to much about your fish if it’s poo this too shall pass.

IRT your hair algae I recently went through that war. I did a lot of things so I am unsure which did the trick.
I reduced the amount of light time.
Increased the distance from the top of the water to my light.
Gave my most affected plants a hydrogen peroxide bath.
Dosed heavily with Excel for a week or more.
Cut back on flourish and trace elements dosing.
Lots of water changes.

As I mentioned I am not sure what did it but I have not had hair algae reappear in a week.

Good luck.

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