Hair Algae In My 2.6 Gallon Tank.

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    Hello everyone, I just bought a Fluval Spec 2.6 gallons and set it up for about a week now. I have 2 Amazon Swords, a banana plant, and some moss attached to a piece of driftwood with no fish or invertebrates. I used root tabs along with Flourish Excel and Flourish Comprehensive. Lightning is LED 7000k, not cycled obviously, and I don't run CO2 because I heard that it isn't good for a tank that small. I noticed that there are long strands of hair coming from my moss and leaves. So my question are is it hair algae or something else? Is it normal because of the new tank syndrome? Or I dosed too much fertilizers. I was gonna put some Amano shrimps to clean off some algae but since the tank isn't cycled it is not a good idea. Is there anyway to get rid of it or it will just go away over time. I am new to the planted tank hobby so any helps and advices would be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    For hair algae just clean it by hand. For future prevention put an air blower thing (sry can't remember the name[not an air stone])
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    Hate to break it to you but Amazon swords are the wrong plant choice... they will get too big (hard to believe I know). They truly belong in a 29 or higher, they need both the height and the width.
    Can you post a picture of the algae? It would help us see what is going on. Also you need to remove the hair algae that is thee, and by tweaking your lighting and ferts you can prevent it from regrowing back
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    This is the hair stuffs that coming out my my moss. Sorry if the pic is blurry, I took it from my potato phone. Also can u suggest any other type of low tech background plants that could fit into my tank. Thanks.

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    Micro sword, but it may still be too tall.
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    So, that is actually Riccia growing in the moss, not algae :) take a look at some pictures, if you don't like the look remove all of it now... if it's in your moss going in there with a pair of tweezers and remove every last bit, the tiniest piece will always grow back :)
    You can use crypt wendtii as a replace plenty for the swords, Java fern as well. Both are relatively easy and can get proportionately large for your tank :)
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    Thanks a lot for your help:)