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Discussion in 'Marine Plants and Macro Algae' started by tigerlanding, Nov 23, 2009.

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    Hello, what is the best way to control hair algae? My hermits seem to be eating some of it but dont think they can keep up. I have cut back on my feeding as it may have contributed to the problem. Should I cut back feeding to once a day? Or even less? I bought some Pura PhosLock but have not used it yet. Any ideas?
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    You should try and remove it fast as it can take over your tank. It took over my whole tank and It took me about a year to remove it, but that's a severe one though.

    Things you should make sure to prevent GHA:

    -Check your nitrates, phosphate levels and make sure they're zero. If not find the source. I look up your aquarium info and if you're using the filter media on your tank, that might be the source as it will become nitrate factory if not clean every day

    -Make sure you have strong water flow. Water flow will will prevent algae from growing

    -get a protein skimmer (important) A protein skimmer will remove your nutrients which will prevent algae from growing

    -Set up a refugim. A refugim which consist of macro algae such as cheato will suck up the nutrients. Cheato is a great algae which will not release spores and it will only grow and will not spread

    To remove them:

    -Do weekly changes and don't miss one until about a month or so after the algae is gone

    -Remove the algae by hand in a separate container or use and airline pipe and use your fingers to take the algae off of the rocks and the pipe will suck the algae

    -Reduce your lighting time to about eight or 10 hours

    -Reduce feeding. Not less than once a day.

    Some things to prevent will all so help remove the algae. I highly recommend a skimmer and a refugim.


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