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Discussion in 'Filters and Filtration' started by Lady Monster, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    Long story short im going canoeing and i was making sure everything was in working order. My luck would be that 3 hours before i leave, my 1 month old filter stopped working!!!!

    Its top fin brand that supposedly has lifetime replacement but i don't have time for this now.

    So i drove 20 miles to my closest store and the employee was new so not much help. I ended up grabbing a fluval 30 that cycles 150 gph (i have 30 gallon tank)

    Its quiet! It works! It looks super fancy yet simple. Comes with carbon and biomax and a sponge. So all 3 filtration in 1 (so was the top fin but that didn't last long).

    Now my question is...... How do i do this so i don't lose my cycle?? Please i just finally got cycled last week since i did fish in cycle. No casualties (thankfully)

    I did order a 2nd filter prior to have extra filtration because my mollies are dirty. Poop machines!! But its shipping from Hong Kong and wont be here till july 22.

  2. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    I would cut the floss material surrounding the cartridge and insert that below the biomax. The Fluval filters are great!

  3. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    Could i dump the carbon from the old filter and just put the whole floss in. Right now im just floating the bio thing from the old one.

    I also added a double dose of stress zyme. Hopefull that was helpful and not a waste since im almost out.imageimage

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  4. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Yes, you can dump the carbon and put the whole cartridge in if it fits. It certainly wouldn't hurt dosing the Stress Zyme but I've heard mixed reviews on its effectiveness. Test your water parameters after to make sure you don't have a cycle bump.
  5. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    I have to leave in about 30 mins. I may do another pwc just to make sure.
  6. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Dose Prime for the full volume of your tank size if you have it.
  7. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    Is prime just bacteria?

    Well the filter floss will make the biomax stick out of the water. I have an old fry net can i just toss it in there or does it need to be inside the filter?image m2
    My aluminum foil background doesn't help with taking pics sorry
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  8. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    It's better to put the floss in where your filter is so the water flows through it and helps seed the biomax. I would just cut the floss out and stuff it in underneath the biomax.

    Prime is a water conditioner that also detoxifies ammonia and nitrite up to 1ppm for 24hrs. I suggested dosing it in case you hit a cycle bump from switching filters.
  9. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    Oh i have ammo lock. And the carbon in the fluval filter is has ammonia remover in it.
  10. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    No wait i lied..... I was looking at an ad on the side of the box oops.

    It's just carbon, nor ammonia remover. I dosed with ammo lock yesterday, but i can do it again
  11. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Oh, ok. I was a bit confused since TMK, the carbon that comes in those filters shouldn't contain an ammo remover. :) Ok, you could dose the ammo lock but do you have time to test before you leave?
  12. peregrineValued MemberMember

    As el siad. Easiest. Cut the floss off the filter and put under the bio media. It will do double duty while you are camping it will bio filter jsut like it did in the top fin.. and it will populate the new media
  13. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    I cut it in half and crammed it in. And im doing a pwc.
  14. peregrineValued MemberMember

    That will help a lot. It's like an almost instant cycle...
  15. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    Ok ill update sunday night, tell ya if my fishies survive! Thanks :)
  16. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember


    I came home to a crystal clear tank! No casualties :)

    I had been battling new tank syndrome and had to do several 50% water changes a week to get rid of cloudy water (part of reason i was concerned about having to replace the filter then leave town) so i am very pleased to come home and be able to see straight thru from one end to the other.

    I havent tested the water yet but i plan to do a pwc anyways. Thanks for the help :)

    I have always heard great things about fluval products and im glad i took this filter home.

    My background is aluminum foil so the light reflects funny for pics.
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  17. peregrineValued MemberMember

    YAY. clear tank with no casualties
  18. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    I did a pwc but i didnt clean the sponge because i didnt think 3 days of running would clog it, i had about 5 gallons of water overflow out the back while i was out today :( down the particle board stand and all over the carpet. I cant catch a break!
  19. el337Fishlore LegendMember

    Oh no. :( This was from the new sponge that came with the filter?
  20. Lady MonsterWell Known MemberMember

    Idk, both were pretty dirty. It seems to be running fine now tho.

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