Had a scare with 1 of my mystery snails

  1. H

    Heather12404 Valued Member Member

    Two days ago I found one of my mystery snails stuck to the filter intake. I thought she was just cruising along or found some type of food on it. Well, after being there for half a day I reached in and slowly removed her from the filter intake. I set her down and she hasn't moved in 2 days.
    I thought she was dead, as my snails are very active. But my boy snail was mating with her (twice) during these days of no movement. So I figured that my boy snail wouldn't mate with a dead snail.
    Today I dropped in some algae wafers and wouldn't you know she opens up and is eating as I type. She scared me!
    She does look a little tore up...her shell is fine, but her feelers are a little shorter than they use to be and her siphon seems to be bent. But she's eating and moving so I'm a happy snail keeper.
  2. Jaysee

    Jaysee Fishlore Legend Member

    snails do weird things like that. IME the fish and snails make short work of it when it dies.

    Glad yours wasn't dead ;)
  3. MD Angels

    MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Aw poor girl! Boys are so persistent! Since she is being mated with, make sure you have several inches (3+) of glass above the water line, as she will be looking to lay some eggs. If she can't on the glass, she may try climbing on the filter, or she could get out and fall.