10 Gallon Tank Habrosus Corys or African dwarf frog? Or both?


Hello FishLore I have a moderately-heavily planted 10gallon with 5 male endlers my none aggressive betta shrimp and a snail. Have an aquaclear 30 filter. I want to add habrosus corys or dwarf frogs. Can’t get the corys right now but really like them. I can get the frogs today. I was wondering what you guys though about which ones i should get. Or if i could get both.


I’d say you’re fully stocked as is. If you got rid of the endlers you could get frogs but Corys need more room than a 10 gallon.


Huh you think im fully stocked i dont really think so. all my fish seem happy and healthy and I think i could probably get the frogs. Am i missing something with the corys literally all of the most reliable sources I check say you can keep the small corys in 10 gallons.


yup! I felt bad because he was in a one gallon… I will get the celestial pearl danios and stone catfish in a different tank in the future. I have the betta endlers snails and shrimp rn and plan on adding the frogs today. Is this a bad idea?


At this point, I would not.
Let the betta settle in with the endlers. Like I said, he may be chill now but he hasn't been with other fish.
I wouldn't think about adding anything for another month or so.

It might go on a rampage, it might get nipped by the endlers, it might workout fine. It's too soon to tell.

Patience is key :)


A month? That’s disappointing. Ive had the betta for a whole. He seems to have settled in already. The endlers seem to keep to themselves ive watched them swim up to him and they just swam off. I might just get the filter today though.


Looking at the previous thread, and this thread it's clear you're a beginner however are doing your homework.

My general rule is double everything... Online advice generally give's minimums.. Minimum tank size, minimum social groups (6). Our fish will never really thrive using minimum's!

Iv kept a number of tanks with similar stocking. However, always 20gal+!
Example 1 20gal: 1 betta, Shrimp, 5 african dwarf frogs, 20+ endlers (Male and female).
Example 2 25gal: 1 betta, 12 galaxy rasbora, 26 kuhli loaches, shrimp and snails

Iv tried betta's in 10gal with community fish in the past, and it's hit-and-miss... for me, a 10gal is too small for most schooling fish anyway.

Remember, the most important thing is to provide a comfortable environment for your fish long term. Territory, social group size, diet and suitable environmental parameters like water flow, water chemistry and temp....

The number of fish you can keep in a tank and managing your water parameters comes with experience... smaller tank are less forgiving when it comes to water parameters, which is why everyone here will always suggest low stocking numbers.. especially for someone starting out.

Remember.... Double everything, and your fish and yourself will be happier for it!


A month? That’s disappointing. Ive had the betta for a whole. He seems to have settled in already. The endlers seem to keep to themselves ive watched them swim up to him and they just swam off. I might just get the filter today though.
uhhhh you have the betta for a whole month but didn't mention it ??


Add more endlers basically and give it a while then MAYBE get the frogs or try to upgrade? Never will be able to upgrade for a few months at least. Yes I am a beginner. I feel like some might say you overstock. Also homework what ever do you mean HOMEWORK HOMEWORK. Yes I’ve researched a lot. Would it in the future possibly be acceptable to put frogs with in the 10 gallon.
No I put the betta in last night I couldn‘t take it to watch any more he was in a 1 gallon and moved him to the ten. I hate pet smart and Petco right now. They have the “Fluval Aquaclear s“ basically charging 15 bucks more for the same thing. Amazon.com here I come. I Love the frogs but if it’s simply a bad idea…


Would it in the future possibly be acceptable to put frogs with in the 10 gallon.
With the betta and endlers? Personally I would not. ADF are pretty shy and don't have a way to protect themselves if the betta becomes aggressive.. It's also not unheard of for the frogs to grab the betta, usually lunging for what perceive as food.

Just my opinion though especially if you unable to upgrade or have another tank ready to move someone.

For to add the feeding issue.
You'll have quick endlers, a piggy betta and slow moving frogs all wanting the food at the same time.
Care would need to be taken to make sure they get to eat. There probably won't be any toss food in and walk away.


I meant homework as compliment... You're new to fishkeeping but researching well.

I'd say it's 50/50... Betta, dwarf frogs and endlers may work.

However, Betta may not accept frogs and harrass them.

Frogs may eat endler when bigger if they are lucky. I'm sure mine managed to eat some endler fry.

I also had to hand feed my frogs as they are incredibly slow at finding food and other fish got to food first.

I would only try it when you have a backup tank. 20gal is a good size.


I know what you meant. Lol the reason was because of how much research I’ve done and I still feel very stupid sometimes. So you would recommend more endlers and the frogs IF I have a backup? What about the fluval flex 15? And could Asian stone catfish celestial pearl danios and the ADFs live in that together? I understand its deep though is that bad for the frogs? Sorry about All the questions. Also are the flex filters good? Or should I just put the frogs in the flex if i got it?


Okay forget the frogs they might go in a different tank. What about the corys?


Corydoras need at the very least a school of 4 in a 10 gallon all to themselves.
Asian stone catfish prefer cooler water and need dissolved oxygen, but you could probably fit the Asian stone cats, CPDs, and frogs in a 15 gallon. They all have different parameter needs though, specifically temperature.
The fluval flex’s built in filter would probably leave it at around a 10 gallon in volume after scraping the tank though.


Not really at 73-74 degrees you are in all of their comfort zones. A very as far as i know reputable website says they are fine in a 10. What the heck is it with EVERYONE not on this forum saying they are fine in 10s I don’t understand. I have even had people on this forum say they would be fine. I am getting a rimless 14gallon cube next week. Will have an AC 50 on it. I hope that will serve for the frogs, CPDs, and stone cats.


Just a thought :

Sometimes one joins a forum on which NO ONE is giving the answers one likes to hear.

Is that caused by the forum joined or by the expectations of the one that joined?

In such cases I personally would search on the internet untill I'd find these answers. That's so great about the internet : You will ALWAYS find what you're looking for.


Fair point. I just need to do more of my own research I guess… I think we can all agree that this is the best forum.


UPDATE: I think my betta has dropsy. I am not getting frogs or corys but more endlers. Hoping I dont lose my betta. Getting a seperate 14 gallon for CPDs Frogs and maybe something else.

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