Gyre/powerhead Problem


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Having an issue setting up my Gyres in my 225 Gallon Tank.

72" Wide, 24" High, 30" Deep

I went with Gyres as I liked how they were able to move water plus I eventually plan to move into saltwater down the road.

The tank is heavily planted with carpet and shorter length plants. When the Gyres are on, they move the plants perfectly and you can see all the detritus they throw up. Initially, the plan was to have one on each side of the tank opposite sides for 12 hours a day and then off for 12 at night to give the fish a break.

I threw in 10 Cardinal Tetras as a test, and even at the lowest speed, where I'm able to keep the plants gently blowing, and just having the Gyres pushing water like a regular powerhead I find the Tetras struggle to push through the flow. I do not want the fish to be constantly having to use energy just to swim around.

How do you guys do it? How do you balance the movement of the plants and keeping the fish stress free?
I have tried lower spots and higher spots but I feel like once I have a full tank any spot is going to cause some push back of the fish.

My plan now is to maybe have them on timers to come on for 20mins every 4 hours, 3x a day and the fish just deal with it for 20mins? Thoughts on that?


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You might have the powerheads too low in the tank. Maybe raise them a little higher until you get the right combination. I have all my flow at the top of the tank and the flow bleeds down to the bottom. All plants still have a gentle movement and the fish don't seem to mind the flow at all. I wouldn't want the flow in my tank disturbing the substrate and kicking up dust.

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