Guys with huge tanks.

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Cheers scottieb . Are you a fan of Oz also?

Also - one for the parents. Elmo has a pet goldfish in a tiny bowl (>) in this spin off show 'Elmo's world'. It's a big feature in the show and every episode has a new decoration on the theme for that episode in the bowl.

It's sad as everything else Sesame Street does is excellent. Someone should write to CBS and tell them it's a bad example to set for children.
diy guy
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diy guy, tht reminds me of a big fish room a gangsater had in The Wire. In one scene he had some poor kid sweating as he though he was going to take him upstairs to kill him, but instead showed him his fish and began leaving firm instructions on how to care for them when he left town .

That show sounds hillarious. Is it on HBO?... Seems like I never get to watch T.V. anymore.
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The Wire isn't what I'd call hilarious - it's actually very real and quite depressing with some comic relief moments, but it's a pretty no-nonsense story of street/drug/cop life. It is VERY good though - just beware of lots of cursing. It was on HBO but ended a few years ago. Whole thing is on DVD - 5 seasons.

100% NOT for kids!

Anyone remember the Dr. Seuss cartoon for Cat in the Hat? Where it's raining outside and the kids have nothing to do, so the Cat in the Hat comes and causes mayhem? A goldfish in a bowl was an important character... remember watching that on a 16mm projector at a birthday party when I was a kid.

Seuss had a thing with fish I think - there were several stories of his that involved fish (One fish two rish red fish blue fish is another - not sure if they made a cartoon of that one though).
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I am a huge film geek DoP for a few yrs, though sadly, slow times now in Phila.

Back to big tanks... technically not a tank, but Col. O'Neil in Stargate (tv show) had his own pond to fish in (granted with no fish)

Actually wasent it in the 9th season or something like that there WAS fish in it, when they are in the future, and use the stargate to go back into time to fix mistakes of the future. And they even comment about how there is fish after oniel says there isnt.
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