guppys im confused

  1. G

    Ga-rr-ett New Member Member

    Ok so i knew my guppy was pregnant one night i saw she wasn't eating and was hiding so i put her in the breeder box the next night i noticed she was way skinnier and her gravid spot was almost clear. But i could find any fry. My box has one of the 'v' things to save the fry is it just that i cant see the fry or did she abort do to stress. I didn't think it was stress because she was only in the box for a night and a day.
    there was also i lot of poop in the box so that made it a little harder to look for fry.

  2. coffeebean

    coffeebean Well Known Member Member

    i find that my fry always fall right through those boxes into the main tank cus they are so small. its possible that happened
  3. OP

    Ga-rr-ett New Member Member

    it says on the box that it is safe for live bearer fry
  4. coffeebean

    coffeebean Well Known Member Member

    that doesnt mean anything really. its safe for them...but my fry was so small they fell through the holes in the bottom.

    did you find the fry eventually?
  5. Shawnie

    Shawnie Fishlore Legend Member

    or they could have stayed near mom and not fallen through, and she ate them
  6. OP

    Ga-rr-ett New Member Member

    when fry are born they fall to the bottom first
    im pretty sure
  7. Chris123

    Chris123 Well Known Member Member

    No not all the time somtimes they swim near the female and get eaten