Guppys Are Sick Please Help


I got about 50 guppy fry from a guy I put them with 6 of my platty fry 3 weeks later some of the guppy fry have a weird very straight tail fin and so do the platty fry!....I know that the plattys were fine 3 weeks ago and I'm also fairly certain the guppys didn't look that way either...I looked it up and was maybe thinking fin rot?? I'm going to test the water in about 20 minutes o did a water change last week

any help and advice is greatly appreciated thanks

also would this help?


I've had guppies and platys with the same "straight tail fin" that I think you're describing. (Could you take a close-up picture of it? That would be helpful) I believe that this symptom is caused by stress, not fin rot or an infection. Test your water for high ammonia and nitrites, as that could contribute to the stress. As for Pimafix, my understanding is that it heals fungal infections, and wouldn't help your fish much. I'd add some sort of aquarium salt and maybe stress coat or Melafix. Hope this helps!

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