Guppy Sickness, Not Sure If Fish Tb Or Internal Parasite Help

Discussion in 'Freshwater Fish Disease' started by AlwaysSunnyGuppies, May 20, 2018.

  1. AlwaysSunnyGuppiesNew MemberMember

    Hey guys, I've searched over the forums a bit and I'm just not 100% sure what's wrong with my guppy...I've read stuff on fish TB and it's really freaking me out. I've had my tank since August, there are 5 guppies and 3 hatchet fish in a 10 gallon. I do 25% water changes once a week. Current ammonia is 0, nitrate 10 ppm, nitrite 0, pH 7.4. So I've had this guppy (frank) since August. He's the only guppy that really hasnt grown much since then. All guppies have grown and acted normal. I observed Frank losing some weight about a month ago (only in his tail, his belly stays pretty round, especially after eating) and he has gotten worse since then. I also noticed his spine is curved upwards causing him to swim a little weird. His appetite is completely normal, but his caudal penduncle seems extremely thin. A few days ago I noticed white poo and I have started treating him for internal parasites with some hex shield. Today is treatment day 4 of 5 and he doesn't seem to be improving, other than a normal looking poop today. Any advice? I honestly am not sure what to do at this point and I'm scared to even put my hands in the tank for fear its TB ): 20180516_185258.jpg20180516_185300.jpg20180516_185314.jpg

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  2. endlercollector

    endlercollectorFishlore VIPMember

    The good news is that this doesn't look like TB, and I really know TB (won't get into that now). Has he always been very round in his body? If yes, then that's good. There is another type of mycobacteria that cause increased bloating until the fish is extremely round, so a change like that would be worrisome.

    Was he an adult when you got him? Sometimes a fish can be born with some scoliosis that gets more wonky as they mature. His tail does look raggedy, which is concerning. Have you tried Melafix on him? I'm not sure by what you mean by a thin tail. Are you talking about the base of his tail before it fans out?
  3. OP

    AlwaysSunnyGuppiesNew MemberMember

    I am about to dose with tetra lifegaurd to see if that will help at all. The other fish are nipping at him (I know it's because he is Sick). No he has not always had such a round belly. He had a normal body when i first got him. It's almost like he's lost muscle in his tail (caudal peduncle area), but his belly stays pretty round, even moreso after feeding. He is the same size now as when I first got him, which is weird because the other guppies I bought him with have definitely grown. Also he's never had a bend in his tail before, he has always swam normal, and been quite colorful. Now he is pale, and has lost a lot of his tail fin and dorsal fin. Thanks for your quick response!

    And today I noticed his swimming is getting even worse. He's starting to swim vertically now, almost like his tail end keeps floating up.

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  4. endlercollector

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    Oh, no, doesn't sound good. Tetra Lifeguard is worth a shot. I've had a couple of fish arrive in weak shape through USPS, and putting them in a gallon container with 1/4 pill each day seemed to do the trick. Best of luck!
  5. River Gray

    River GrayValued MemberMember

    I would QT him if you can so the other fish can't bother him and he'll be able to relax. Also keeping him up near the surface in a breeder box or isolation box will help him keep his swim bladder regulated and hopefully make swimming easier. I'm not an expert by far but from other descriptions I've heard, it sounds a lot like it could be dropsy... There's a lot more experts here and people who can help youanage a case of dropsy if that's what this is... But I'd put it high on the list and start researcher and asking about cures...

    This is just a basic list of some symptoms of dropsy including the ones that made me think it might be what he has:

    • Grossly swollen belly.
    • Scales that stand out with a pinecone-like appearance.
    • Feces that is pale and stringy.
    • Ulcer on the body, along the lateral line.
    • A spine that is curved.
    And some others..
  6. OP

    AlwaysSunnyGuppiesNew MemberMember

    I am unfortunately moving in a week, so I have already packed up my quarantine tank, so a breeder box will have to do for now. I've thought about dropsy, but I also thought the main symptom was pinecone-like scales, which he does not have? Not sure though...I used to work at a LFS for a while and saw all kinds of diseased fish, but I just can't figure this one out (which is why i was concerned about TB because I have no experience with that at all). Frank's poo is normal now since dosing with hex shield, but his behavior/appearance has not changed at all. Hoping lifeguard will help, but it has only been 1 day. I will keep you all posted. Thanks again for your help thus far!
  7. River Gray

    River GrayValued MemberMember

    This might sound a little odd, but I want to thank you so much for posting about your sick fish. If you hadn't I probably wouldn't have looked up diseases that could match his symptoms and therefore I would not now know as much about the symptoms and disease in general of dropsy (as well as a few others) which would have meant I may not have recognized what is likely wrong with my tetra as soon as I saw him after getting home from the long weekend! Because of that research I felt confident in my knowledge enough to start treating him as if he has dropsy right away giving him, hopefully, a little extra chance to pull through this. I might be wrong about it but he has those "pinecone" scales that you mentioned being a big symptom indicator, tho not all forms of dropsy display that symptom you're correct that most do according to what I read. Anyways I hope both our fish get better or at least if they must swim up the rainbow stream they find a wonderful clean perfect heavenly rainbow pond to spend their days playing and swimming in endlessly. Again thank you for being an inspiration to me to read up on diseases and their symptoms so I wasn't nearly as freaked/upset/frantic as I probably would have been had I come home and seen him without having seen your thread etc. Happy and healthy wishes to your and all your aquatic and land friends!
  8. OP

    AlwaysSunnyGuppiesNew MemberMember

    Sorry for such a late response, but I felt that an update was deserved. I ended up having to euthanize Frank, he just became worse and worse and I knew he was in a lot of pain. Still unsure what it was that was wrong. I treated with lifegaurd for over a week, and nothing happened. I also tried Epsom salt, I heard that works well for dropsy and it did nothing either. I finally medicated with a fish antibiotic from a LFS and still nothing. My other guppies are super stressed. But like I said before, I just moved and upgraded their tank to a 26 gallon. I let it cycle for a week, and I know it's still cycling so that could be why they are stressed. I really hope I don't lose anymore ): i got pretty attached to these little guys, and they all seem to have their own personalities. Hopefully your fish will get better! Best of luck
  9. Whitewolf

    WhitewolfWell Known MemberMember

    Lots of diseases mimic eachother. There is really no reason to worry about them.
    There is not mycrobacteria in a lake?
    There is not parasites in a lake? (the fish eat them)

    Dont fret about disease, just keep your water quality good and know when to drop the hammer on them when they are old and droopy and thin.
    Guppies get this way from old age, look at it under i miscroscope, as i do, there is no disease there.....

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