Guppy questions? 10 gallon

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    Is it okay/better to move my two pregnant guppies from my 10 gallon with 2 tetras and 5 other male guppies to a new 10 gallon with marbles (for guppy fry to hide under) and for it to be just them two?

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    What kind of tetras? They probably need to be in a minimum 20g long..
    7 guppies in a 10g seems overstocked to me but im not sure.
    Do you plan on raising the fry?

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    Hi Ivanjay,
    In my experience with breeding guppies its not a good idea to house the two pregnant females together at this time, i have tired it and they fight, i think its because they know their babies are coming and they are being protective.
    If you have a spare 10 gallon, i would be keeping that ready for the babies, you can take them straight away from their mum at birth , or she will eat them.
    If you can afford to buy breeding nets or a small nursery each for the pregnant guppies to go into that would be much better. Here are some photos of what im talking about:
    Now the nursery is the best one, the plastic tub and net are harder to get the babies out of while the guppy is having them. But its what you can afford at the time. Also, you could put one net in the main 10 gallon tank and the other net in the new 10 gallon tank with the females in them if they are due to have the babies in the next day or so. Or side by side in the new 10 gallon, your choice. If you choose that way, you can just scoop the babies out of the nets and straight into the new 10 gallon. These are just ideas from what you have said above, i hope in some way they help you :)