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Discussion in 'Guppy' started by Fishbeginner01, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Fishbeginner01New MemberMember

    i know this is silly but it is something I have noticed. One of my female guppies has been getting bloated which I Charlie’s up to pregnancy. However the last couple days I have noticed a long white “string” coming out of her bum. It seems ticker at the end then at the “fish but” side.
    At first I thought was a string of poo but I honestly think it’s the same thing but getting longer... could this be an actual issue or am I going nuts.
    She still swims and eats.
    It’s a 40 gallon freshwater tank, cycled and 4 months old.
    4 female guppies
    4... I forgot what
    1 lucky fry that keeps out maneuvering the other fish
    pH 7.4
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 10 (I added 2 new plants and a piece of drift wood a few days ago to help with the nitrate issue as I couldn’t get it lower)

    I’m a gastrointestinal nurse so I notice poop a lot.

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  2. CocoCappuccinoValued MemberMember

    Stringy white poop can be a sign of internal parasites, which may make the guppy seem pregnant, but it's just the parasites doing that. If it's actual pregnancy, check her vent, it should be pretty dark. Is she new? My new guppies had stringy white poop that I thought was internal parasites, but after being fed a proper diet the poop changed to normal, and it flaked off like it should.

    What food are you feeding? I've heard some low quality foods can cause digestive issues.
  3. Fishbeginner01New MemberMember

    About 2 seconds after I put the post up the white string thing dropped off. Here is a pic of her vent.

    If it was/is a parasite , can it dropping off effect the other fish?
    I feed the once a day, “omega one color flakes” or “omega one freeze dried blood worms

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  4. CocoCappuccinoValued MemberMember

    Wow, her vent is dark! She is for sure pregnant. Here's a good example of a internal parasite in a fish:

    Goldfish parasite?

    If it is an internal parasite, yes, it could infect the entire tank because they spread so quickly. Did the white poop just appear, like, has it ever happened before, or was their bowls a normal brownish color before this? Sometimes white poop can be a sign of stress, pregnant fish can get stressed out easier than most imo. The food you're feeding seems a good quality, but for the bloodworms I would only feed once a week. Freeze dried bloodworms must be soaked in tank water first before feeding, as it can cause bloating whenever they aren't soaked. Feeding a green pea every so often can also ward off constipation and other factors. The thread above may help you out some :).
  5. Fishbeginner01New MemberMember

    It hasn’t happened before. Since it was just the one fish (who is stressed) and none of the others look bloated or have the string I think I’m going to wait and monitor.
    I don’t want to treat and possibly stress the entire tank if I don’t need to.
  6. Fishbeginner01New MemberMember

    An update: the thread came back, she is a lot more bloated, and swimming slower so I got some APIgeneral cure” and am treating the tank.

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