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Ok I have read the post by Gwenz about her unfortunate guppy. I curently have a similar problem. My own lack of knowledge about freshwater fish and petsmarts lack of helpful employees, led me to put a "semi" comunity fish in with my guppies. I had noticed my oldest guppies tail looking a bit ragged, when I was watching the tank I noticed the new fish bitting at his tail. I took out the new fish and returned him, but now I have a very beat up, and sad looking guppy. Tail is about 50% gone. I have 2 10 gal tanks, one of them is empty. I would use this as a hospital tank but i'm not sure my guppy can wait for the tank to be established as it should be. Is there a way to get it started faster so I can move him in as soon as possible? Right now I have a divider in the tank to keep him alone, but from everything I read they say medicating healthy fish isn't recomended, and the water temp is going to be higher than my fish generaly enjoy. so I guess what I need to know is ...

How can I get my 10 gal tank ready fast ?
Can I medicate him in my current tank for now?
would I be childish if I dumped swamp water all over the Petsmart employee?

Thanks for any help


If the mean fish is gone, the tail should start to grow soon, it will also take some time and the tail might be even nicer looking than before. That happened twice to my angel fish. Once with zebra danios and once with Serpae tetras. Hope this helped


So then it is ok to medicate with other fish in the tank?
and it is good that I sepparated him?

Just concerns me that he doesn't swim much due to most of the fin being eaten. Kinda bums me out, watching him just laying around on the ocean floor as it were. He does swim around but not for long. Seems it tires him out pretty quick.

Wish I could post a pic but my cam doesn't take very good shots of my tank for some reason. I seem to get better pics with my cell than my rediculously expensive digI cam


If the fins were just nipped, you don't need to add any medication (or at least I didn't) and the fin should come back perfectly because it like human skin, when damaged the body repairs it. It is good that you seperated him for now, but when his fin starts to heal I personally would take out the divider.
would I be childish if I dumped swamp water all over the Petsmart employee?
lol That is childish. ;D


Thank you for all the advise but this morning he was dead :'(
From now on I will be certain to read up on the fish before making a purchase.
or I'll just bug you fine folks first


I'm so sorry for your loss. For future reference, when you need a quick 'emergency room', keep a gallon bottle of drinking (not distilled) water handy, at room temperature, that has had a teaspoon of aquarium salt dissolved in it. Water level should be at the bottles 'shoulders' to allow for air/surface exchange. Aeration is not necessary, and in this confined space, probably not appreciated by the fish, especially an ill one. Drop a few artificial plant leaves in it for shelter, and set your patient in a quiet dimly lit spot. Feed sparingly. Observe closely. This works well for me and is good for 10 days, after which the fish can be re-introduced into the tank.


if you want to get a 10 gallon tanks setup fast an you already have a 10 gallon setup, then you can use some of the water from your current tank.

then put a new filter cartridge in the filter of your established tank, and use the filter cartridge from your established tank in the new tank you are setting up.

this way the water and cartridge already contain the bacteria necessary for the nitrogen cycle to get jump started. as well, if its just for one fish the biological load will be very small, so there shouldn't be any spikes in harmful chemicals.

HOWEVER, you should make sure you test the water before you put the fish in it, also be sure to watch the chemical levels in the established tank, taking out the filter also takes out some of the bacteria, so check your levels and change water as needed.

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