Guppy looked really pale. 29 Gallon Tank

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    BYFishy New Member Member

    Wondering if anyone might know what happened.

    Went out for dinner and came back turned on the lights and my 2 guppies were looking really pale. Tested the water and the numbers were the same as the whole week. Being to to all this i decided to feed them and within 10 minutes their color came back and were lively again. I really have no idea if feeding them had a direct impact.

    What could cause them to go pale like that? They looked fine before I left so it happened in a 2.5 hour timeframe.

    Thanks in advance.

    29g tank
    1 platy
    3 Bloodfin tetra
    2 guppies
  2. F

    Fishy88 Valued Member Member

    Some fish turn pale while lights are out. Colors return after lights come on for about 5-10 mins. It's like they wake up. :)
  3. OP

    BYFishy New Member Member

    Ok cool! 5 minutes of panic and now relief.
  4. junebug

    junebug Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah, I wouldn't worry. My red tux swords have always lost their tux markings at night.
  5. Guppy123

    Guppy123 New Member Member

    Possibly light conditions...

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  6. Kurty

    Kurty Valued Member Member

    Yes some fish lose their color when you turn of the lights so that larger fish can't see them that easy in the dark,it's like survival instinct.
  7. Andrew Sackett

    Andrew Sackett Valued Member Member

    Cool fact about fish

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