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  1. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    I am new to guppies and I just bought 6 of them to go into one of my ten gallon tanks. He was swimming slower than usual this morning so I tested my water and it seems fine. My water temp is at 78°.
    I just went to go to bed and shut off their aquarium light and noticed him hiding in the plants and laying on the gravel.
    My other 5 guppies are acting normal and one had given birth to 15 fry on the 17th, 3 died on the first night, but they also swam sideways and looked weird when they came out. The female also swims near the bottom and still has her gravid spot and squared off stomach so I am not sure if she is going to have more. It has been atleast 24 hours since the last fry came out.
    Everytime I encourage the male (I think he is a blue multicolored guppy, but I forget what exactly.) to swim up, he just floats back down. He is also breathing pretty fast. I am about 80% sure he will pass away tonight, but I just have no idea what I could be doing wrong.

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  2. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Any other fish in the tank? And what's your male to female ratio? I've been keeping guppies for about 10 years, should be able to help.
  3. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    I have 3 males and 3 females. I had read online I needed atleast a 1:2 ratio but the guy at my lps said to even them out. I started to doubt myself because my lps usually takes really good care of their fish and I was new to guppies so I matched them up.
  4. trixiritaValued MemberMember

    That guppy looks very sick to me. Usually when guppy fry come out sideways it's because of a deformity in their backs that cause them to be crooked; usually they did prematurely but can still live a happy and normal life if taken care of. Recommend you take that guppy out and put it somewhere seperate. Make the container/tank is shallow so he can still eat, and if he does dis, ammonia will not flow in your tank. I have had a few years with guppies, and I can answer any questiona!
  5. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    1:2 is pretty decent, I've even done 1:3. I usually do a fraternity (all males) though. I agree that he won't be around for too much longer :( But I can't exactly pinpoint anything. Any other symptoms at all?

    I might just remove that guy lying on the bottom now, just so he doesn't spread any diseases if he has any. But I'm EXTREMELY paranoid with diseases in my tanks, so you might not have to go that far.
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  6. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    He is one of my original six. Not part of my new fry. My new fry is about 2 days old. He still moves around the bottom but will bounce on the gravel and once he comes into contact with another fish he retreats to the back. When I go to net him, he perks up and swims all over, even banging straight into the glass of the tank, so I gave up on trying to relocate him. I didnt want to injure him even more.
  7. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Might be some kind of swim bladder type issue? But I've never seen it in my guppies. They CAN live with swim bladder issues, but it's difficult. Notice if he's bloated at all?
  8. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    He still has his original colors. Hes breathing really fast and also looks slightly more bloated then when I brought him home. Should I go get more females tomorrow? He just came around to the front of the tank and he did not freak out when my female came over to him.

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  9. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    NO NO NO NO NO NO NO! Never add any fish when one may be sick! Sorry to use all caps, but I had to make sure it stood out.
  10. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    I meant if he happened to pass tonight, because I still have my other two males. My other 5 fish and fry seem to be fine. Here is a better photo of him. His fins and tails are now moving a bit slower.

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  11. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    You said you tested your water and it was fine, but what were the actual results? Ammonia, nitrite, nitrate?

    What's the GH and KH levels?

    You said these are new fish? If everyone else seems fine, there's a chance he may just be a dud, which can happen on ocassion.
  12. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    No, wait a few days to see what else happens. Not to go all stocking police on you because I'm an extremely liberal stocker myself, you might have too much for the 10 gallon.
  13. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    My pH was 7.6, Ammonia & Nitrate o ppm, and Nitrite .25 ppm. And I honestly dont know what GH and KH are. I've only ever had Bettas and a baby Pleco in this tank before these guppies and never tested GH and KH.

    Okay, thank you for the help.
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  14. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    It doesn't seem your tank is cycled... those are not good numbers for a cycled tank.

    Although, not high enough to cause such drastic issue...

    Definitely get him in something so he's closer to the surface, that will help him.

    Do you have any prime on hand?
  15. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Seriously, if you want more you should probably up your tank to a 20. And you could add other types of fish if you'd like.
  16. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    The tank has been running for 5 months, I had an older betta fish in it before, he passed and I did a 50% water change and added the guppies about a week and a half later because I was still deciding between guppies or another betta. I do not have any prime with me right now. I live at (im in college, still live with my mother and father who are divorced) two places and usually grab my supplies when I switch back and forth on the weekends for my tanks.

    I usually only like to have species specific tanks. Only because of my family members knowing so little. I went away and my younger sister who was only suppose to feed my fish, saw that my baby pleco (I bought him while he was sick and a petstore was about to just euthanize him, so I took him out of sympathy and i'm too soft) was looking kind of ill and thought he was lonely so she put him in a tank with one of my older betta fish. He died, and gave whatever he had to my betta, who also died because no one at my house wanted to ruin my weekend and didn't want to mention it to me, until I got home and realized something was really wrong.
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  17. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    Okay, well, if your tank was cycled, it's not any more. I don't know if a week and a half between fish was enough to completely kill it but it seems adding the six fish in one go has kicked you into a mini-cycle.

    I would suggest daily 50% water changes and dosing with prime as per instructions to protect your fish until it's re-established itself.
  18. MattS99Well Known MemberMember

    Multiple species don't kill each other unless they're violent towards eachother (like keeping a guppy with tiger barbs), a HUGE size difference, or sick. If you've been cycling through fish so fast, I think you're doing something wrong. Why would you buy a pleco for a 10, even if it's a baby? Let alone about to be euthanized, that has to mean that something is wrong. Should NEVER buy a sick fish under any circumstance, it doesn't matter how soft you are. Might help to educate yourself a bit on something before you just buy it like the pleco. I don't want to be mean or mean to rant, just giving my honest opinions.
  19. Samantha100113New MemberMember

    Okay, thank you.

    He wasnt in a 10 gallon. He was in a tub I have at home that is about atleast 3x (I had it when my childhood goldfish &only goldfish turned out to be huge and I was housing him until I could give him to a neighbor with a pond full of them,)my ten gallon because I knew he was sick and I could throw out the tub when he passed as i never really used it. My sister (11 years old) put him into the ten gallon (he was about 3 inches) because she had never even seen a pleco and didnt know what she was doing. She has a tank in my room with multiple types so she thought it was okay. I didnt know until I came home that it had happened. I have never placed a sick fish into my betta tanks before. Ive only had (in my lifetime) 1 goldfish, the pleco, the now guppies, 1 platy, 1 swordtail and multiple bettas. The bettas that died (excluding the one that the pleco got placed with) have all died of old age. At about 4-5 years. Like I said I am new to guppies, I really only had bettas in the past.
    (recorded on my phone so quality sucks.) This is my sister's tank. And I only added the other two in with the betta after having them separated for a week before hand because I got them from Walmart and didn't trust it.
    Sorry for the rant also, I got ahead of myself.
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  20. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    Just on an aside...

    As you said, the video quality is poor, but what makes you say your bettas find never recovered from the rot?
    He looks lovely and healthy to me...