Guppy Is Missing It's Right Pelvic Fin

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My female guppy was pregnant when I got her from the pet store. She is significantly bigger than my other guppies. She came home with two other females. I put the females in one tank because they were all pregnant and I wanted them to have some peace before being introduced to other guppies and stressed out. The largest one gave birth one night and when I checked in the morning she was floating in one spot and letting the water move her. I really thought she was dead but she is not. After a couple days of letting her recover I moved her into the community tank very slowly. I have been watching her act funny these last couple of days, floating, not eating, barely ever swimming while the others swam happily. I thought maybe it's the water parameters. They are perfect for guppies. Finally I sat and watched her and the others for a while when they ate. And I finally saw she is missing her right side fin that is closest to her head. And It's fully gone. Nothing but a tiny red spot where it should be. Could this be a sign of fin rot? Or is this a weird occurrence? I also could not tell you if she had the fin when I brought her home because she was so packed in a tank at the store that she didn't swim much either.


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look like your guppy already sick at pet store..fin torn cause by pet store ,or traveling or fungus..first,please delete that store from list if you wana buy some fish..some pet store,sell bad stuff..other hobbies is good choice to get some fish..if your tank in healthy condition,and the fish is still active..that mean the guppy will survive..and the fin will cure by the time..I have same condition like your once,after give birth,the guppy not playfull anymore,so I decide to put on other tank(guppy only)before I put in community using crush sinking pallet,to make sure some of them get reach in front of the sick guppy..patiently,she my black sky blue..and yes,she cure by the starting with 32female,18male..7 female and 3 male death..but the fry I can't count it nowday..hope your guppy will cure..
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