Guppy Has Vanished?

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by jfs4, Jun 25, 2018.

  1. jfs4Valued MemberMember

    It appears that a guppy has disappeared. We have a 10 gallon tank with 5 (now 4) male guppies. The tank is cycled. We are currently away from home and have a friend taking care of the fish. We have an automatic food dispenser that is working fine. My theory is the air turned off and the water got hot and the little guy couldn't take it. The question I have... where did it go? o_O

    Is it possible the other guys ate him? :dead:

    Thanks for your thoughts. The other fish seem to be doing fine.

  2. WilledValued MemberMember

    have you pulled things out to look around? before death they can go somewhere to hide, and they are very good at disappearing in decorations, hard to see areas, etc.

  3. jfs4Valued MemberMember

    Are friend is investigating. Is it possible that they ate him?

  4. WilledValued MemberMember

    That I will have to let someone else chime in on. I have had tetras die with their stomachs ripped open after death, but for the whole fish to be consumed by the other guppys, I can't say.
  5. MazeusWell Known MemberMember

    They wouldn't have eaten the whole fish (bones and all) but may have picked at a carcass. Does your tank have a lid? If not, i'd check the floor around the aquarium.
  6. jfs4Valued MemberMember

    The aquarium does have a lid. It is only a ten gallon. I find it bazare that we can't find him.
  7. WilledValued MemberMember

    I have felt that way before. What I want to say to you now is "trust me, he is there"

    How long ago did you see him?
    Think out side of the box a bit. If not literally in the cases of a jumped out fish, check the filter, pull out the plants and move them around in a 5 gallon bucket of tank water so you can look thoroughly.
  8. MazeusWell Known MemberMember

    Did you take apart the filter? One of the other forum members came home from a holiday to find that her guppy had been sucked up into the HOB.
  9. WilledValued MemberMember

    Also if you really don't find him keep an eye on the readings in case he is decomposing and creating an ammonia spike. If your friend can and if you have the equipment.
  10. jfs4Valued MemberMember

    I will mention it to the person taking care of the fish. It is possible he is in the decorations. I doubt he is in the filter. I put a filter sponge on the intake. I am sure he is there somewhere... Thank you for your replys.
  11. BrannorValued MemberMember

    Adult guppies don't really tend to get eaten completely by the others (not in our tank at least) unless left in there for a long time. The smaller ones do tend to get picked on a little maybe. I do agree that they do go find somewhere to hide and die, and sometimes get lodged in/under things if the current pushes their corpse along.

    I have seen juvenile guppies harassing sick adult guppies or bigger fish that are dying...pecking at them constantly.

  12. Deku-CoryValued MemberMember

    Owned Guppy Endler hybrids for many years until just recently. Guppies are very voracious and rarely pass up on a free meal. If I didn’t find a fish within a day of it dying, there wouldn’t be much left for me to find. Though I owned quite a few more than 4, so it was far easier for them to devour everything.
  13. sinned4g63Well Known MemberMember

    Look VERY carefully in all the possible hiding spots. I had a guppy being bullied and he found a place to hide that I've never seen anyone use before and to this day has yet to be used again. I actually had to use a flashlight to find him and it was the shimmer from his scales that gave him away. Here's some pics to show how well hidden he was. In the second picture under the small arched branch you can see a little orange, black, and the shiny goldish yellow shimmer.

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