Guppy Had Two Fry But Hasn't Continued

Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by FirstTimeGuppy, Apr 21, 2017.

  1. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    I got a female at petsmart yesterday and I perposfully got one that looked far along in pregnancy. Got home from work this morning (4/21/17) at 7am and saw one fry in the tank. I quickly ran to the store and got a gallon of water to put in my emergency fish bowl and let warm up before putting them in there. In the mean time (I think I messed up doing this) I put them in the breeder box with the pregnant female to prevent them from eating babies cuz the box has slots so the fry can get out. When I got home I saw a second (idk if it was there before how birthed after I left) Once water was room temp (75•F) I put the male and other female in the bowl. But over the course of the day I have not seen her have more babies. She's currently in the breeder box alone now but still no sign of more fry. This is my first time doing this so I don't know what I'm doing xD thanks for any advise

    Just realized that I forgot to mention before I said "I put them" that I had a male and two other females but one died mid way through the day.

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  2. RyleighJValued MemberMember

    Is there a chance that the other fry were eaten before you even got home from work?

  3. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    I mean, that's always possible but I'm not 100% sure. Although I don't have a lot of plants I have one plant(fake cuz I couldn't afford a real one till next week) that is very bushy and soft. I still have a female in the breeder box and will keep her there till morning to see how it goes. If no other fry come out I'll put her back in the tank and hope for future pregnancies

  4. fjhWell Known MemberMember

    The breeder box could be stressing her, causing her to hold her fry. Based on your picture, it looks like she still has a few inside of her. If you could let her out of the box, I think that would be best...

  5. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    But wouldn't she just eat the babies then?
  6. BReefer97Well Known MemberMember

    She may eat the babies, but you have to keep an eye on her. I'd let her out of the breeder box and just watch her closely. If she starts giving birth again, I would try and move the fry to a different tank - as opposed to moving the pregnant female. But I'm not 100% on this, that would just be my best guess.
  7. EternalDancerWell Known MemberMember

    Survival of the fittest.

    Yes, some will be eaten. But keeping her in the box could cause her to miscarry the rest anyway.

    Keep the breeder box in the tank, as soon as you see babies, put them in there instead. They're pretty easy to catch when they're new.
  8. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    The breeder box I have keeps my the mommy in but the babies can get out free in the tank I'll show pics

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  9. BReefer97Well Known MemberMember

    Do you have another small tank or even a clean Tupperware container you can use to put the fry in? I would tank her out of the breeder box, it's probably just stressing her out. Take the babies out and put them in a different tank or container as she has them.
  10. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    I mean, maybe the ones she had were born to early cuz they were suuuper tiny and fit right through the slots on the bottom

    I mean, she isn't eating and she stays at the bottom of it resting. She'll swim up poke at food but not eat it

    Here is another one. I also now see a fry closer towards the back of her. I'm going to leave her there till tonigh I think and if nothing happens I'll catch the fry and let her free in the tank

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  11. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    I've completely gotten away from breeder boxes. A small tank with heavy weeds (especially floating) seems like the best plan. A simple sponge filter and small heater. Breeder boxes stress the mother badly. I've had a few die giving birth, which can happen anyway. Some guppies will hunt their young down, some will ignore them. If you are paying attention near birth time you will lose very few.

    And it is very common bringing a pregnant guppy home from a shop will cause her to give birth within a day or two. They normally have more than two fry for sure, but smallish batches are fairly common. 20-40 is much more common. Watch the calendar now. In about 28 days she may deliver another batch. I usually try to isolate my female by day 23 or so. Only if the gravid area is looking enlarged of course. That seems early enough to not trigger a miscarriage or premature delivery.
  12. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    Took her out of the breeder and added more plants but as for now all I have are fake ones

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  13. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    That works for now. Find some floating weeds when you can. It makes a big difference to survival rate. And young guppies love green water. You could stop feeding them with tons of soft plants, which I don't do. I've seen some fine guppies raised in algae ridden ugly water. I'm not suggesting neglect because water must not be toxic, but the sterile tank look we desire isn't necessarily what is best for them. After they get a good start you can put them in a pretty environment.
  14. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    This is a bran new tank and I have no live plants in there right now they are all fake
  15. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    I understand that but you can make it better in the future if you intend to raise guppies. They are a lot of fun. Fake weeds will work if that's what you have now. Grind your flakes with your fingers multiple times over a piece of paper. When it is fine dust feed your newborn guppies. They can't eat anything larger for a few weeks.
  16. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    I've been doing that but in the lid and so far so good cuz. I've seen then popping :)
  17. OnTheFlyWell Known MemberMember

    Keep some water set out for frequent changes. It will foul pretty fast in a small bowl with no circulation. Hard to not overfeed just a couple fry.
  18. RachelLovesFishNew MemberMember

    Yes, most likely the fry were either eaten, or the guppy mom just had 2 babies. I plan on getting plenty more guppies after my whole population of them all died. While I had them, they would breed A LOT (hence their nickname, the million fish). Some of them would only have 2 or 3 if was their first time having fry.
  19. FirstTimeGuppyNew MemberMember

    I believe I still see more babies in her belly but she still has yet to have them. Maybe she had started labor due to stress from going from the store to my home? Other than that I still have the 2 babies and they are happy and healthy! I'm so happy that momma isn't even trying to bother them. She just tries to chase them away from the food but she has been spending a lot of time behind the plants at the back of the tank haha. She's such a good momma!

    Sand she Cummit suicide and jumped out the tank
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