Guppy gravid area (dark spot)

Discussion in 'Guppy' started by 45stbp, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. 45stbp

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    Hi, I have some pregnant guppies, i can say for sure they are pregnant, with swollen bellies, dark spot. i read a lot on this issue. There is one thing I didn’t see mentioning; every morning when i put on the light (no day light in the room). I will find all fish sleeping on the bottom. After 10 minutes or so all of them will be swimming around for the rest of the day. When I first put on the light the black spot won’t be there and by the time they start swimming its totally black again.

    Is this normal? Is this an indication of any type?
  2. Tigerfishy

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    Honestly, mine did the same, and my female endlers are exactly the same. You'll also find that colourful fish (like neons) lose their colour at night, I find them in the morning and they're silver!! A far cry from the bright blue and red they are usually. In the dark they don't have their colour and will sleep, so you wake them up with the light. (It's OK, they get over it pretty quickly, especially if you offer them food!)

    Don't worry about your guppies. A little tip, if they get really big and start to look boxy at their gravid area, then you're in for babies!! Good luck whatever happens with them.
  3. Teishokue

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    I keep reading about this BOXY form. I have never seen it. I've been searching for the boxy appearance for a while. I know my females are pregnant. one has a brown-dark brown gravid spot. a small female about 3 weeks also has the gravid spot, is this too soon for the FISH? also i was wondering if the due date is sooner in darker gravid spots because i have a smaller female which has a very dark spot. her colors are vibrant. out of all the females, her body is black, fins are deep sky blue and the end of the fins are black. hybrid. i aslo was wondering if i should insert her into a baby safe container?

    another question is that i forgotten use my QT. saw a guppy with camallanus worm while pregnant. i immediately took her out as i saw it. i guess i killed her, squeezed her body and all these babies came out along with the worm. the babies who were alive i threw back in the tank ( not sure if this was a good idea) but somehow they survived through my 1.010 saline tank and 11 bumblebee gobies. so far i havent seen any other conditions of camallanus worms. i was wondering if i was fast enough to catch the camallanus worm? i doubt it lol
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